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What does she really want?

By Huzeima Mahamadu
What does she really want?
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I do not know whether this write up applies to you or will make your life more meaningful than it is right now. But I want to share with you the thoughts and desires of someone I love and admire, almost like a twin. When I look in the mirror, I see her. It is the story of a 28-year-old lady, a hopeless romantic, impulsive explorer, and an empathetic soul. Her dream is to travel the world, have a Ph.D., marry the man who loves and can give her the life she needs, and maybe have a kid or two if they both want and are ready for the hustle. Importantly, she wants to be in a position to be able to help others achieve their goals like others are helping her achieve hers. She knows it will not be easy to achieve but making conscious efforts and willing to take the risk. Her dream may look overambitious or seem impossible. But she knows her God never disappoints.

Yet, there are people out there who think she should be married at the age of 28. Every day people ask her why she is not married, and when she will be getting married. She has heard women have an expiry date and would not be able to give birth afterward. Others are saying it is not right for a woman to be so selective, and she should marry one of the men that are asking for her hand for marriage and should not wait much longer if she does not want to grow old in her father`s house. Some think no man wants to marry her and hence her singleness. Surprisingly, no one has ever asked her what she wants most in life at the moment? No one has ever asked her what kind of man and marriage life she desires? She is a hopeless romantic who does not care about the glamourous ceremony but a private and simple ceremony, with the opportunity to live with only her husband and be showered with love. If she finds the man of her life who is willing and able to support her achieve her dream, she will marry. But now she is happily single and loving herself every single day and second. For a woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid of eating alone. She believes that there are great men out there, and one of them wants what she wants and loves her personality, hence the long wait. If she ever rejects your proposal, it is because she believes in her misguided way that you cannot give her the life she desires. She knows what she can and cannot offer and will say no to any man without regrets if she thinks he deserves better. She will love you when she knows it is what you both want and are ready to travel the road together. She will love anyone who she accepts and willing to support through life hustles and is sure he will do the same for her.

She was not born to accept and flow with the majority. But she respects the choices of the majority. All she asks in return is for others to respect her choices and decisions too.

By: Huzeima Mahamadu

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