09.07.2020 Feature Article

The Foolhardy Ghanaian Vs A Blamable Government: A Case Study Of Madina Market

The Foolhardy Ghanaian Vs A Blamable Government: A Case Study Of Madina Market
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Many people have refused, intentionally or otherwise, to observe the basic protocols of the novel pandemic variously for reasons best known to them. Conjecturing some of the reasons for which such actions are being taken may include some of the following below;

  1. Some think wearing a face mask is a waste of time because they are immune to the virus.
  2. Some complain, as always, that they cannot wear the mask due to breathing difficulties it portends for their health.
  3. Some think the government is the one to take the blame if things get out of hand.

The truth is that the government, irrespective of how commendable its efforts have been in the fight of this pandemic, can not absorb itself from blame if things get out of control but the big question is, where would you have been? Dead and gone and probably and very, unfortunately, have ended up infecting the most affectionate quartets of people in your life.

Consequentially, the government too may be voted out of office as a result of the actions or infractions of it thereon.

The government is clothed with the power Constitutionally, to enforce the laws of the country including the covid protocol laws passed to enforce social distancing, wearing of masks etc but its has failed miserably in this regard and the result of this is the blatant disregard for the protocols, the bye product of which is the exponential ballooning of the figures of Ghana's case count we are witnessing now.

The big question is, where would you be to blame the government if you fail to take responsibility at the personal level? Dead.

Reopening of school and registration of voters at this perilous times may not collaterally be accountable for the skyrocketing numbers we are seeing in the COVID figures if Ghanaians themselves are taking responsibility to observe the protocols to the very best of their abilities. Death will come when it will come but we owe it to ourselves and the interest of others to take utmost care of ourselves and leave the rest to the government and above all, God.

The foolhardiness of the average Ghanaian include.

1. Students removing face mask while chatting and walking along the road to school only to wear it to class.

2. Market women not wearing a mask but telling her customer to remove the face mask because she cannot see her face (happened in my very presence in Madina Market)

3. Quasi pastors boisterously preaching and singing in a highly human congested area of Madina Market and carrying the women along in singing while people are crowded in their quest to move past these congested areas.

With all these and many more highlights, one cannot be moved but appreciate why Ghana is losing the fight against the COVID spread.

Ghana in a sorry state, sad. Next article loading.....


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