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Why are some Ghanaian FM radio Stations still Advertising the Under-attack Sale of Oils by Fake Pastors/Prophets and Sexual-enhancing Products?

Why are some Ghanaian FM radio Stations still Advertising the Under-attack Sale of Oils by Fake Pastors/Prophets and Sexual-enhancing Products?
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For lack of knowledge, my beloved fellow Ghanaians are perishing by day without realising. What makes it so disgusting is how some radio stations are constantly promoting through incessant advertisements the oil products by some Ghanaian so-called prophets who are indeed false. For me, such pastors and prophets are not only fake but are purely the agents of the devil come to deceive many people to take them to hell.

In this publication, my anger is directed at those radio stations that are constantly advertising the efficacy of the oils of various laughable names and brands, and what they are able to achieve for the buyer. These pastors and prophets are lately being revealed as false with the oils they prepare under unhygienic circumstances using questionable ingredients not as potent to achieving the buyer or user what they are said to perform.

The two Ghanaian online radio programmes I have tried to bring myself to enjoy if I have time are the one hosted by one Mama Effei on Nhyira FM at around 13:00 to 15:00 Ghana time, thus, 14:00 to 16:00 British Summer Time (BST) or 13:00 to 15:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from Monday to Friday and "Boiling Point" on Oman FM radio hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 20:00 to 23:00 Ghana Time. On Nhyira FM, they are noted for intermittently but constantly advertising some oils made by a certain pastor or prophet in Kumasi, testifying to the wonders such oils are capable of performing in the lives of those who use them. They also advertise how certain products and a doctor in Kumasi are able to enlarge the penis (manhood) of men patronising the products or going to see that doctor for help.

I find such advertisements encouraging Ghanaians to succumb to swindling very nauseating. Yes, radio stations are into business for money. Their owners are often sole proprietors who are profit maximisers. Advertisement is their number one source of income generator . However, to advertise products as being capable of achieving certain results which are indeed false, is what I am against. How can an oil purchased from these false prophets be able to help a Ghanaian to acquire a visa to travel abroad to the white man's country?

It is not only the mentioned radio station doing that but many others in Ghana. Fake prophets, mallams and fetish priests are allowed to troop to radio and television stations to advertise themselves knowing very well that what they claim to be able to do are all untrue.

Why should radio stations be promoting false pastors/prophets in this very period where some pastors and their oils are being revealed as fake with their oil and water products made from ingredients that are highly unhygienic and questionable? Look at somebody like "Bishop Angel Obinim" and all his ilk of fake prophets and the things they sell and how they dupe people through consultations, false testimonies and false miracles? Why should any radio station worth its salt promote such fake pastors?

If I am not mistaken, why would the late Mr Victor Owusu, once the leader of the Popular Front Party (PFP), now the New Patriotic Party (NPP), decide to abolish then National Lottery if he won election 1979? Although the National Lottery is one of the government's biggest sources of income earner, he had decided to abolish it. Why? It was all because the money the country was losing from the lottery by way of the active man-hours lost each day was higher than the income generated by the lottery to the government.

In Ghana, unlike Europe or America, nobody spends time working out lotto numbers as it is done in Ghana. An office worker in Ghana could spend four or more hours of his eight hours time at work working out lotto numbers. How unproductive lotto was to Ghana as workplaces had been turned into places of working and playing lotto. However, in Europe or America, one just walks into a shop and asks to be sold a computer generated lotto numbers called "Lucky Dip" or has lotto slips already prepared with random numbers with same played each time. Nobody works out lotto numbers in the white man's land so playing lotto does not hinder the progress of one's work.

Again in Ghana, some lotto fanatics could sell their properties or family properties to spend the entire proceeds on playing lotto hence impoverishing some people and their families.

How is robbing Peter to pay Paul a cause for celebration? There is nothing to celebrate in that. Why should radio stations encourage Ghanaians to patronise fake products and the services of fake prophets? They do so because of the money they will get at the expense of the health and lives of Ghanaians.

Why should Ghanaians be so ignorant to crave long and big penis? Why should Ghanaians think the ability to last longer on top of a woman during sex makes one a great man? Are the Ghanaian men and women always thinking about sexual satisfaction not out of their mind? Are they not being stupid? Is sexual intercourse all that the Ghanaian is born to live up with? This is total madness. This is what has allowed foreigners and locals to flood the Ghanaian market with all sorts of bitters to make us a laughing stock in the eyes of our white contemporaries.

When the white people may be planning to reduce our population through dubious means if not to exterminate us as conspiracy theories on the social media allege, the Ghanaian man and woman are thinking about sexual satisfaction. This is madness, my fellow Ghanaians. Let us think outside the box to agree that life is not all about sex but about other important things that are capable to sustain us on earth.

How I wish Ghanaians would all agree to the abolition of advertising fake pastors and prophets and their oils on airwaves as well as the many silly sexual-enhancing products. Could they not be the cause of the many deaths that have been going on in Ghana before being made worse by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic?

Fellow Ghanaians, be careful how you allow yourselves to be enticed by the radio advertisements to patronise the services of fake pastors or prophets and their oils or water as well as all the so-called sexual enhancers.

I shall be back. It is not only Nhyira FM doing that but many others, if not all the radio and television stations in Ghana.

I find such things distasteful because they ridicule us in the eyes of others.

Rockson Adofo

Thursday, 21 May 2020

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