Kobina Ansah ~ A Lonely Journey of Fighting Rape Through A Musical Play

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Personal Reflection Kobina Ansah ~ A Lonely Journey of Fighting Rape Through A Musical Play

The Ghanaian theatre industry is still a virgin industry and many practitioners are feeding it with content to keep the scene active. With National Theatre getting busy lately with varying stage plays, it goes without saying that this is an industry that has great prospects.

Plays come in various forms, one of such is a musical. Musical plays usually connote fun and excitement. They often evoke a sense of liveliness. Going to the theatre to see a musical means going to see something that one can always laugh about.

One theatre practitioner whose works are departing from the norm of musicals is Kobina Ansah. His works make one ask a lot of questions because they significantly deviate from what many expect of a musical.

The daring writer was the first to put up a stage play on LGBT in Ghana. His love for taking on hard subjects is unparalleled and his current play tells it all.

At first glance, the playwright looks like a calm gentleman. However, anyone who watches his plays will definitely conclude that he is not. He takes on uncomfortable themes many will shy away from. Little wonder he describes him as an "unconventional storyteller".

He has a heart for women, and this is very evident in all his plays. In his new play, IN THE PANTS OF A WOMAN, Kobina Ansah takes on a taboo topic in our society ~ rape ~ through an original musical. Unlike many upbeat musicals, this one is a moving story with 16 original songs that leave a lot to ponder over.

"I want to leave a lasting impact with my works. This desire sends me on an errand of taking on stories that may sometimes appear uncomfortable," he explains. "I love to dream without borders and that is what I do with my plays," he adds.

IN THE PANTS OF A WOMAN sparks the conversation of rape and the approach of society to such. It goes hard on toxic narratives that have empowered abusers and, in turn, dispempowered the abused. It shows at National Theatre on July 20th.

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