Wedding On a Budget! 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Wedding On a Budget! 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
28.02.2022 LISTEN

“Invest money in the marriage, not the wedding” an interesting comment people make to speak against overspending for a one-day event. While this seems all well and true, most people are also bent on spending as much as they can to make that one day as special as they envision their happily ever after.

But what if you can have your fancy wedding and still save money? Wedding on a budget! That is the way to go. CEO of Africa Wedding Makers Awards, Miss Irene Nartey shares 7 ways to save money and still create your dream wedding:

According to Miss Irene Nartey; If you’re having trouble making decisions on purchases for the wedding, these could help with the purchasing decisions you make:

Are the items resell-able or reusable? Choose items that you can resell or reuse:

When choosing items for your wedding, consider if you can resell, reuse, or repurpose each item after the wedding day. From wedding gowns, shoes and accessories, consider the use beyond the wedding day to be cost-conscious.

If you hate the thought of buying an expensive wedding dress that you’ll only wear once, consider renting your wedding attire. Most wedding shops also rent out some of these one-time use wedding accessories, do not hesitate to rent them too.

Choose a simple cake design. Big, elaborate, or ornate cake designs come at a premium cost because of the time and artistry required to create them. Choosing a simple but beautiful cake design can save you hundreds on your wedding cake.

Recruit talented friends to help.

Instead of paying for the services of every nook and cranny of your special day how about exploring your network of family and friends for wedding favors. Whether you’re having a friend design your wedding invitations or bake your wedding cupcakes, or get your make up done. Utilize the resources you have in your network to save money. Using people in your circle who are really good, instead of hiring professional vendors just for trending purpose can save you money on your wedding.

Did you know your wedding date can affect the cost of your celebration? Consider a day of the week other than Saturday.

Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, so you can save big by choosing a mid-week wedding date. Fewer attendees. You can also consider choosing an off-peak wedding date.

Locations for these events mostly eats into the budget so deep. Consider having a destination wedding! One way that you could cut costs is hosting a very intimate destination wedding. Fewer of your guests will be likely to attend because of distance.

Also, Choose a naturally beautiful location. Opting for a wedding venue that doesn’t require a ton of decoration will save you on rentals and decorative elements. Outdoor locations with beautiful views allow nature’s beauty.

Above everything else, do what feels right for YOU. It’s so important to remain focused on the priorities of you and your partner, rather than letting obligations or other opinions impact your decisions as well the happenings on social media.

You are sure to have the wedding of your dream and still have an enormous cut on expenditure if you consider these tips Miss Irene Nartey listed.