A tea party or a tavern?

Old Gal in Yoga Pants
13.06.2019 LISTEN
By Melissa Martin

Minerva wanted to attend a tea party with the Red Hat Society ladies. “No way,” I said. “Let’s put on lampshades and crash the local tavern.” We’ll either get free drinks on the house or the police will transport us to the nearest senior citizen center. “No way,” said Minerva.

She can be a stick-in-the-mud. Like the time I wanted to moon President Clinton when he came to town to campaign for reelection. “Keep your buns to yourself!” She told my daughter and I was put on old lady probation.

So I gave in and we decorated goofy red hats and went to a luncheon. Surprisingly, the oldsters laughed at my jokes. Ah! An audience for my comedic side.

Until we chat again, this old bag declares, “Aging is for cheese and wine—not women.”

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