Kiss our obese butts

Old Gal in Yoga Pants
13.06.2019 LISTEN
By Melissa Martin

Stop referring to older women with a different body weight as heavy-set, full-figured, or over-sized. Don’t refer to us as tubby or chubby or lumpy. And stop fat-shamming with the label “obesity”. My funny bone is not laughing. Judgers, haters, and rude skinny people can kiss our obese butts.

And make airplane seats larger so our different sized bums will fit. The world is full of females with various body shapes and sizes.

By the way, Minerva and I find pants with elastic waistbands to be rather attractive along with the comfy fit. So look away if you don’t want to see our bouncy bellies.

During a food famine, skinny folks will die before fat folks.

Until we chat again, this old bag declares, “Aging is for cheese and wine—not women.”

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