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February 19, 2018 | Entertainment Celebrity

I Would’ve Replaced Ebony With An Animal To Keep Her Alive - Popular Prophet Claims
I Would’ve Replaced Ebony With An Animal To Keep Her Alive - Popular Prophet Claims

Since the demise of Ebony, some prophets have emerged claiming to have prophesied her death.

In one of the videos, the head pastor and founder of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry located at Achimota mile 7, Prophet Nigel Gaise, emphatically stated that Ebony was going to be killed in an accident and that nothing could save her.

The Prophet said Ebony’s death was going to be like that of late actress Suzzy Williams, and musician Terry Bonchaka who also died through car accidents.

But in an exclusive interview with Mabel Opoku of,Leader and Founder of Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry International Church,Prophet Nana Kofi Yirenkyi aka Jesus OneTouch has indicated that he would’ve replaced Ebony’s death with an animal if God had revealed the late 9os badghal’s death to him:

“If I were the one that God revealed the prophecy to I would’ve prayed over it and avert it…you see immediately God reveal to me that Ebony was going to die I would’ve prayed over it because God sometimes reveal such prophesies to you to text your faith”,He noted

“I have done some before I would just diverted her death by replacing Ebony with an animal…this is simple…I would’ve simply reversed her death”,He added

Delving on whether he could’ve still prevented the death if Ebony decided not to come to him,Jesus OneTouch accentuated that:

“There was no need for Ebony to come to me before I save her…ok what if she was abroad Would I tell her to come to Ghana? No, so irrespective of where she was,i would’ve still delivered her...”,

Ebony died suddenly in a car crash on Thursday, February 8, 2018 on the Kumasi-Sunyani Highway. She was reportedly returning from visiting her mother and other family members in Sunyani when the sad incident occurred.She will be buried in Accra on 17th March,2018.

It would be recalled that, in a landmark ruling,Jesus Onetouch was Jailed by a circuit court about a decade ago.His case made interesting headlines in the media and considering the countless controversies that have embroiled preachers in recent times,Onetouch’s case topped public ratings.

He was accused of incest— number one taboo in Ghanaian society,but had indicated that he was framed up.Apparently,the evidence against him could not be proven beyond all reasonable doubts.

There had been two medical examinations on the girl who was allegedly defiled and none of those two medical investigations correlated; one medical examination disproved the possibility of defilement, while the other suggested a possible sexual exploitation.

Jesus Onetouch was given ten(10)-year jail term but he was lucky enough to be left off the hook after just two years

Kindly watch the interview in the video here!

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