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Sep 15, 2011 | Love

“Love at First Sight” By Author Abdul Haye Amin.

Love at first sight. By Abdul Haye Amin.
Love at first sight. By Abdul Haye Amin.

“Love at First Sight” By Author Abdul Haye Amin.
“If your right eye cause you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”.

The most Western beauty often fall in to 'oceans of Love' at first sight, hunting new era of windrow of internet, without, spectacles, or sunglasses on, as in history, in (786), Islam, Prophet Ibrahim was drown in the “Neel Dariar Prem” mean in the Ocean for his deep love with unknown Lover. The nation never liked even his own father. For loving some one who never seen in reality. I regret and sympathise, at the times of Prophet Ibrahim there was not age of digital Internet communication but praying mat Jaynamaz.

How lucky we are today world 'Friendship Click of a Finger' into window of Internet searching for true lasting, permanent love forever after the tastes of not holy water but 'Oceans of love' the sea waters without purification tablets.

Most beauty realizes their mistakes without consultations with medicals Doctors before any beauty ever tastes the Sea water. It's contamination of Sea water causes not only diseases but often heard of lovers suicides in vain or high doses of tablets swallow by to get red of the false love they thought will last forever.

Romantically known rose or love water. The blinds love seems to hurts where never can be medically ever cure from the symptoms of love at first sight. The beauty always blames a man for his nature or attitude toward love. When they should measure his or her love in scales before any commitment of virtue ever to be committed by.

Love at first sight medically known “Visual hallucination” which is dangerous symptoms in the heart of Mental Health Hospital Board. The medical professional wastes millions of Government tax payer's taxes to secure the 'Visual Hallucination' symptoms, prescribed tablets “Zyprexa” to be taken Five Times a day, without, alcohol drinks. Most patients not lover(s) suffer medical side effect for very long time in Mental Health Hospital. In Holy Bible verses, Matthews, stated to void 'Visual Hallucination' symptoms by any cost love at first sight.

Unfortunately, medical Board don't believe in Holy Bible verses the Head of Medical Doctor, Rt. Hon. Lord, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A),--(Jesus Christ), mentioned in his book of medical poems the “Holy Bible” as follows:

“If your right eye cause you to sin, gouge it out and throw it [Into the British Channel Islands of Jersey & Guernsey] away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into [Indian Gourmet' Tandoori clay oven]' hell”.—holy Bible: Matthew: 5: 29:

The Minister(s) and States Hospital Doctors claims such poems book never heard in their entire life, but 'LGBT'. Who is writer? The British Secretary of States proud of foreign Doctorates Doctors their wages paid to use per of Sun glasses or spectacles those who are known blinds. By committing offences the Authority of States invites the members of public to commit crimes of sin 'love at first sight' so their duty will last even longer by well known see through mini-skirt Governors of England. To many to mention in the States Nero-Disability Hospital Unit are crying for an answers for treatment.

The Government finally, legalized 'A man can marry, another man, and woman can marry, another woman' I wonder which Language School Minister(s) being to it sound romantic by legalizing 'LGBT' they never been to door step of Springhill Language School, City of Birmingham, West Midland, lack of understanding the Language of not book of poems the “Holy Bible” but plain English in primary Language School.

The definition word “Introduction” Most lover(s) learn English in not primary School but in Mental Health Hospital the lesson of love at first sight. The Government administration approved they are indeed original 'Apes and Monkey' none of the Minister(s) ever like the 'Indian Fresh Green Salad' to be taken five Times a days. By legalization of 'LGBT' in our society. What will not Minister(s) but 'Apes and Monkey' knows the States Minister, Rt. Hon, Lord, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”-(R.A), Jesus Christ. Law and Order?

Millions of lovers love at first sight life into oceans swimming in the sea without any hope or success in life but, they lost the way first they thought they can swim as in history Prophet Ibrahim who was almost forty days in a big fishes today agricultural and fishery Ministers discovered Lord Jesus Christ father name, “Allah” written in Arabic Language on the fish skin.

Which mean any lover(s) are forbidden to bites natural fishes as 'Tandoori Trough' most Indian Restaurant favourites dishes as love at first sight? The fishes are good for members of public health according to medical science. Unfortunately, Lord Jesus Christ forbidden us to cook and eat fishes those lover(s) who refuse to accept his law. It's a crime against humanity. Under the British Immigration act, under section 26(1) (C). Under Holy Bible section Matthew: 5: Paragraph: verses: 29.

Day of Valentine's most lover(s) always seen at the Indian Gourmet Restaurant for special treatment of Valentine love wine and dine at the Restaurants to secure their permanent relationship in a virtue.

Some lover(s) ruin their credit of trust in society or in the Community. Finally they commit such activity which society never intend to accept but refers to the Mental Health Hospital for treatments of love at first sight. Most lover(s) suffer alone in the Hospital bed days and nights cry for treatment of love at first sight.

The most lover(s) lose their identities in colour and run from one Country to another searching for atmosphere of fresh air as unknown birds fly on the sky, singing in the name of their own Lord but most ordinary persons don't understand Language of natural forest birds. As in history, Religion in (786), Islam, Prophet, Solomon.

Our total failure in judgment 'Love at first sight' in a Community or in a society due to lack of faith and trust in Revelation, in Culture, in Heritage, in Love, with each other(s). When raining come either stay all days or blink of human eyes vanish as we often seen dream we can not express in words or in sign Languages, If, however, any lover(s), can wait until rain pass away, there is as always, national favourites news papers Sun page 3, in the morning even blind would see the light of Almighty Lord. Conquered around the earth.

When lover(s) fall in love at first sight they even forget their identities that they fall in love with? Their dreams become in reality 'Indian Gourmet 'Restaurant main dish, “Chicken Tikka Pathia” sweet, sour, and hot, tastes in human life. They cannot vomit nor can they in theory ever can swallow the guild of love at fight sight.

When they met original persons in their life they wonder in whispers, thinking of the past, past, and past, the most beauty they even put extra make up to impress the man without the sun glasses or spectacles on. Without, any V.A.T. or Taxes to pay to the Authority of States. It's free impression of make up on persons face almighty Lord given precious gifts in their life.

But Google company 'Click of a Computer' charges per impression almost seventy five, 0.75 pence, per Click. The States Government are known blinds acting as British Home secretary, Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, and they will indeed act as blind administration not to charge 'Blink of human eyes” at least seventy pence per Click to those who fall in love as a sign languages most lover(s), use in club or in the party. The States Tax free Invitation offer of his or her love.

Once was right to smokes and drinks in the public place but it now fairytale not in reality, for our grandchildren's, if, by mistakenly, any one found fool out of Law, under the Public Order 1936 Act, most lover(s) sentence to punishment in fines. When not lover but Government will prosecutes the lovers for “Blinks of human eyes” love at first sight? Thanks the E.E.C. France Government for banning the Islamic Muslims Burqh on in the Street. Britain one step behind France Government.

It seem only way to earn extra incomes by adultery authorized officials from the members of public in street. When Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), says cover your head to toes. In plain English. Under the Anti-Money Laundry Regulation, It a criminal offense committed by 'Her Britannic Majesty's' for collecting 17.5% V.A.T. from Sun page 3 Editor. I don't blame Minister(s) because under Her Instruction Administration Ruling the Kingdom of Almighty Lord.

According to most dear Friends as always met in Internet those who seem hurt by thunders of lover(s), in her own States or by own origin or by Cast lack of Judgment in Friendship? Probably was searching 'Friendship Click of a Finger' in the internet fall into hand of wrong websites management who charge the V.A.T. To any visitors visits the websites with 17.5 % V.A.T. unfortunately, young lady or man was not aware of the Internet Revelation?

We often leave not any signs for the past we ever made mistake in our life but glory for the fake love. If you and or I ever failure in Judgment for our own way of Journey in life.

then there is a questions remain to be answers by, when we claims to be in our Community, become as a 'Mother' or 'Father' no Law can Judge his or her mistakes for their own children's mistaken of adoption in love when You and I was a child's we were neglected not only human man power of Law but unknown lover Act. When lover(s) by any cost failure to win his or her hearts love at first sight. Most lover(s) commit suicides or struggles to dies for.

The human being life at strike with no meaning of life on earth. And here after, if we, ever, believe day before yesterday natural plants or fruits farmers ever will grows on soil as water melon, Great Britain? Lack of natural Coconut trees as often seen such beautiful in 'Sub-Continent of India', or in Africa, but in Great Britain portrayed fake coconut tree in the British national news papers Sun page 3, most lover don't like reading favourites news paper. Or secretly search internet if there is any signs of such press?

By Bilingual Author Abdul Haye Amin. []

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