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Love | Jun 16, 2011

The Power of love , a review of the book: When Love is undefined

The Power of love , a review of the book: When Love is undefined

undefinedReading the book, when Love is undefined has really shaken my mentality to the foundation. The author who goes by the name SOI choose scenarios to explain love and what we should look for in a relationship.

In a typical relationship attraction plays a major role. There is this underlying norm that the attraction and beauty will translate to behavior. we are always disappointed when there is a mismatch between attraction and behavior. However the author takes the pains to distinguish between attraction and love. He points to various positives that attraction will lead to even in the midst of negatives.

One major point he stressed is that love doesn't just happen, it is built. He goes ahead to explain in very real terms how you and your loved one can build love even in the most tumultuous circumstances.

The title of his book is very interesting 'When love is undefined'. The idea here as I gathered from the book is; when love is undefined in a relationship, the relationship leads to disaster. He further goes ahead to define love using scenarios, circumstances and real life experiences.

One beautiful thing about this book which is different from others is the frank nature of the author. Secondly, he doesn't single out one sex for bashing and making the other a saint. He deals with each fairly without bashing, but with humor he describes circumstances that are very tense.

It's a book I recommend. It's cheap, just seven dollars ($7) and you download it immediately. If you have noticed, I have not told you what he said love is, don't guess it because you will be surprised that your guess is wrong. The juiciest part is meant for you to read.

Download the book here:

If you don't use paypal, click the contact author for ways of how to get the ebook in your country. In Ghana you can pay to a local bank

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