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Feb 15, 2010 | Love

VALENTINE: Love Is In The Air

The cupid and the dove align
Chocolates, cookies – make a beeline
Love and romance heartily combine
Evoke feelings and emotions divine
Spellbinds all from Justine to Elaine
Goes down well, makes us feel fine
It's a feeling so natural and genuine
Makes her heroine, calls his hotline
It lets you loose to soar and imagine
Way is filled with roses and jasmine
Strikes all – canine, feline, Katherine
Everyone falls in one mushy line
Its OURs and not your or mine
Heartbeats rise as clock strike nine
Dead come alive, love they opine
Right from India to Palestine
Love even sweetens bitter quinine
Love is eternal, it can refine
At Romeo Juliet's shrine, love shine
Hearts and feelings meet and twine
Day's importance – don't undermine
All say – Hello, Be My VALENTINE
Flowers from violet to woodbine
Love acts as a sweet pill xenurine
Love birds fly free as a yeldrine
Their tales are read at web zine

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