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Celebrities Step out in Style for Spice Lifestyle Honors

Dec 6, 2018 | Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Celebrities Step out in Style for Spice Lifestyle Honors
When it comes to fashion, then it will be in place to say that some Nigerian celebrities have tried at ensuring they keep to trends.

These some of them displayed when they stepped out for Spice Lifestyle Honors and as usual, event anchor, Ebuka Obi and others were on grown to show some swag on the red carpet,

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126201810314 fashion 7

126201810314 fashion 6

126201810317 fashion 12

126201810318 fashion 10

126201810318 fashion 4

126201810318 fashion 11

126201810318 fashion 5

126201810318 fashion 2

126201810319 fashion 9

126201810319 fashion 3

126201810319 fashion 8

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