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Observing Holidays Without Economic Freedom For The Masses Is Meaningless.

Observing Holidays Without Economic Freedom For The Masses Is Meaningless.
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May 1 is workers day across the world and Ghana has never seized to observe this day. The monumental question is, is it worth celebrating, especially here in Ghana? Is unfortunate for us, our workers, especially farmers, drivers, construction workers, factory hand, traders etc, who are working restless and relentlessly to support the countries growth and development are not well catered for. Workers are struggling in their respective workplaces with harassment, inadequate or lack of incentives, salaries, SSNIT contributions and the likes. Most people working for foreign companies and employers have just a few of them under SSNIT roll.

Majority of Ghanaians are slaves in their own country with nothing reliable to take home at the end of the month and in their working years.

The real labourers of the country are working every hour and day, trying to build and protect the economy, but the country hasn't laid proper measures for them to enjoy their labour when they retire.

We are not building a future as a country and is very dangerous the way we treat ourselves especially the vulnerable in the areas of investment, this will affect the next generation.

Is very disheartening in this country, that the vulnerable are the sure workers and the elite are the choppers waiting to exploit what the workers ve sweat for. Politicians have seized the day to enjoy themselves and the hard-working citizens are wallowing in abject poverty. The workers are exploited through taxes, low wages, tariff hikes and absolutely NO benefits. The monies obtained from them by any other means are used to feed the politician, so our taxes cannot be accounted for.

We must be ashamed as a nation for failing to protect our citizens especially those in the working class. This brings to mind the "Kayaye".Ghana with a population of about 30 million with vast natural resources can revamp this small group of people in this class, who are all vulnerable and handicapped to apt in other sectors that can earn more result by adding to the countries Economic growth and human resource base.

What do we get from these poor girls and old women carrying bunch of loads for people! instead of government doing something about the situation we are rather happy with their condition and politicising their vulnerability. Can't government convert these human resources for industries, like working in a rice mail, large scale farm and other sectors so they can get paid well and also contribute to their Social Security and be useful to the country and their families when they age?

We don't need these people on the streets to carry other people's load before they can eat and fend for their families. In this time of Coronavirus pandemic, which has adversely impacted on the economy, it will be catastrophic to allow them continue with their daily activities if strict measures are not laid to supervise their work. In the contrary, it would be more dangerous to stop them if government cannot cater for them.

This day should call to mind our leaders of their failures to shield the working class and the vulnerable from all manners of exploitation.

These holidays should not benefit the elite than the carriers of the economy. Something we must focus and change.

Celebrating this day is meaningless unless the majority of the masses in this country attains Economic freedom and the concerns of the less privileged working on petty Economic gains are satisfied and justified.

We cannot continue to celebrate failure, so am calling on government to intervene in the labour commission and address the manners in which Ghanaians are toiling from the farms to the markets, streets and to the industries. Is very appalling.

EFF-GH is wishing all Ghanaians a Happy labour day, we hold you in high esteem for your efforts in stabilizing our country.

Let's build our country together in the right way from the right perspective.

Article by ___ANTHONY AKUDAGO___
Fighters SG @EFFGH.
Telephone 0244940504
Email - [email protected]

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