Irresponsible Journalism Can Destroy A Country; Even A Dog Don't Get Hit Twice

Feature Article Irresponsible Journalism Can Destroy A Country; Even A Dog Don't Get Hit Twice
APR 12, 2020 LISTEN

When a dog shits somewhere and you let it know by beating the hell out of it, trust me it won't shit there AGAIN but that doesn't apply to humans and you wonder why we are so hard-headed combined with Stupidity.

I've heard this statement that as for them as journalists they can ask whatever questions they want including Irresponsible questions but it's left to the interviewee to answer Responsibly.

I don't know who taught them such madness but I've heard it from a few of them repeatedly.

Fact is irresponsible Journalism lead Rwandan into war for many years and Rwandan itself have learned from that experience but other countries I guess are refusing to learn from it.

We've had Bloggers and some Professional Journalist in this country irresponsibly pushing a Stonebwoy and Shattawale BEEF for years until it ended up with the pulling of a gun on the VGMA stage which nearly caused a stampede in a room full of Stars and dignitaries and it took the intervention of God for Security not to have fired tear gas even though pepper was sprayed into the air. Some victims collapsed and were rushed to the hospital via Ambulances but we sailed through safely.

Today we are here again with a Journalist trying to spark a New BEEF between Shatta and Sark and instead of Stopping it immediately we have professional Journalists is this country some who were even board members of VGMA who witnessed what the Shatta Stone BEEF did to their 20th anniversary now defending this Journalist just because he or she works in their outfit. Well I'm not surprised because in this country we don't learn so we continue to suffer in our foolishness which keeps us moving round in circles without moving forward.

A Journalist must have his FACTS right.

A Journalist must not be a LIAR.

Journalism is about CREDIBILITY since you will lose your listeners and viewers when they realise you only lie to them.

Fact is a Journalist MUST be TRUSTWORTHY.

Can you imagine a Christiana Amanpour going round interviewing World leaders and knocking their heads together with LIES instead of FACTS just because she thinks she can ask any questions just for eyeballs and listenership? It will only end the countries in wars.

Well She will never do that so Stop imagining it, the only reason she wouldn't do that is because She is a Professional Journalists in the Mainstream Media.

Now when we're all in a boat and one person picks up a hammer and a nail and begins to make a hole at the bottom of the boat yet we have responsible persons urging that person on to hit the nail harder when it's time for the boat to sink it will not sink with that idiot alone.

Journalists are Gatekeepers and they should man our gates Responsibly with Professionalism.

We are NOT by this saying all BEEFS are Bad NO far from that because Beefs are indeed part of the Music Culture but Yes it has to be managed. In fact the enemy should not be within but we should go out there united as one to conquer the world.

As the President of the #VhimCrew that Watches the Watchman we would like to say that this will be our last write up on this particular topic for now.

Can't wait to see Sark Beat M.I in their upcoming Rap Battle.

Ten. Q




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