09.03.2020 Feature Article

Africa Must Rise In These Corona Times

Africa Must Rise In These Corona Times
LISTEN MAR 9, 2020

"Made is China" is the biggest thing in the world because they produce everything that the world needs and anything that affects their productivity affect the world.

The coronavirus is a menace that's really affecting China now forcing them to close down a lot of factories to prevent the disease from spreading indiscriminately.

Without any extra effort, we are seeing our currency the Ghana Cedi growing a bit stronger against the Dollar and that should tell us that people are not importing especially from China with the foreign currencies.

Studies is showing that the virus is finding it difficult to enter Africa due to our high temperatures so the question now is how well are we taking advantage of this situation?

Are we just there waiting for the crises to be over so we go back and start importing?

No one is happy over this virus and we pray a cure is found soon but how well are we responding in terms of trade?

Our Ministry of trade by now should be looking and boosting our local factories to start producing more of the things we used to import from China including simple things like rubbers and plastic and even toothpicks.

Recently the campaign for local rice consumption created a lot of jobs for the youth and we can extend that campaign to other products to our own advantage.

I sometimes ask myself why should we bring all these foreign car manufacturers into our country to come and compete/collapse the only car factory we have in this country instead of really supporting Kantanka to produce cheaper cars for us to use.

I believe Africa must start thinking in a new direction and start trading with Africa instead of always changing our monies into foreign currencies and sending them overseas for products we can manufacture and trade within ourselves.

Let's put in more effort and we will see our economies grow stronger once again.

Africa is capable and we must make it work.

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