07.03.2020 Feature Article

63 Years Of What? Corruption?

63 Years Of What? Corruption?
LISTEN MAR 7, 2020

Age is indeed different from Growth and as time passes by we need to analyse and see whether we are aging or growing.

We are celebrating independence day today and the only thing we can really boast of is independence and nothing else.

I'm old but not all that old but have seen enough to make some judgement and I know some older people here will also contribute to this post.

Politicians have been in charge of this country for the past 63 years and there is nothing significant to show as in growth but all we see around us is poverty whiles we have enough mineral resources to survive us.

The colonial master came here because of our rich resources but after leaving us 63years ago what have we used it for?

In addition to the resources, TAXES have been collected all these years and our politicians cannot Pride themselves with a beautiful Ghana, even the Capital looks dirty & smelly.

All the political parties have failed us and our current situation is nothing to write home about, the worse one right now is when we look into the future therein completely NO HOPE.

Now Mahama was misbehaving so we changed him for Nana who promised us everything but till date nothing proper dey happen and we are now confused as to who to really put in power.

As for the other parties they have all become poodles and the least said about them the better.

Honestly, it's as if all they all care about is their SELVES and not the COUNTRY.

Even Monies that are reserved for the NEEDY as in GETfund etc are being chopped by these Greedy Politicians.

I want to link our Growth as a country to the ACCRA - TEMA motorway and see how far we've come as a country.

The Motorway was constructed by our first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

1. It was a 2 lane in and a 2 lane out.
2. I believe there were Street lights on it.
3. He constructed an under bridge for cattle and humans to use from Ashaiman to Lashibi.

4. He constructed an overpass for humans to use in crossing at the Abattoir area.

5. A toll booth to collect toll was constructed
6. The construction of the road was done with cement and given a life span.

7. I'm being told that when you were crossing the main road and got knocked down by a car in those days your family members will have to pay a fine before the body was released to you meaning Nobody was allowed to cross it.

63years later.
1. No streetlights
2. New and more toll booths for more money
3. Increased toll over 1000%
4. Overpass destroyed
5. Underbridge meant for Cows now used for Cars
6. Still 2 lanes in and out
7. Potholes & Manholes
8. When it rains it gets flooded
9. The police now stop cars on that highway for humans to cross from Ashaiman to Lashibi

10. Countless unauthorized U-turns created and some patrol cars and policemen hiding in the bushes arresting culprits just to collect something instead of just blocking those useless u-turns which cause accidents.

We are gradually losing HOPE in these caretakers of our land and the earlier they start changing their greedy ways the better because people can't continue to live 70years of their lives in poverty when God has blessed us all with all these Resources.


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