Lets Urge The Youths To Stay Away From Gambling And Get Rich Quick Attitudes

Feature Article Lets Urge The Youths To Stay Away From Gambling And Get Rich Quick Attitudes

Undoubtedly most people especially the YOUTHS in our Communities are serious with their work or their studies. However, a careful Observation has revealed that some of the young ones are drifting from seeking avenues to earn a living through the known sources to get rich quick attitudes. Apart from moving into internet fraud some of them are attracted to gambling such as soccer-betting, lotto and other games of chance.

While some parent's school heads and religious leaders do offer advice to the youths in communities and schools to move away from all forms of gambling, there are some elders who look on unconcerned to the extent that many of the youth are hooked on to the get rich quick attitudes.

One institution that deserves commendation is the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology which recently banned all forms of gambling especially soccer betting on the campus. Before then gambling had been going on on the campus with many students getting hooked up to forecasting soccer matches in England and other European nations.

The sad aspect of the matter is that although some of them do win most of them do lose therefore losing huge monies meant for their education. Although some students at the university in Kumasi might have put a stop to soccer betting and gambling, it's believed that students around Ghana may be involved in One form of gambling and the other. It is our desire that heads of other institutions in all parts of Ghana would emulate the example of KNUST by banning gambling in their schools. This move is commendable and should be emulated by other communities in the country ..

No one says it's illegal for the companies involved to pursue their businesses but since the youths continue to lose out in it, it's not good for them. Unfortunately, instead of counseling the YOUTHS to stay clear from gambling, there are some men of God and juju men who are promoting it on radio, television and online. One area of concern is the establishment of Lotto forecasting groups offering sure bankers to members of the public.

These people have set up platforms on the internet to seek clients.. the leadership of the National Lotteries has come out to distance itself from the groups of sure banker forecasters. Ghana is a nation of many faiths and we need to raise the youths to become good citizens and not those who'll live through get rich quick attitudes.

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai. Journalist and Executive director of EANFOWORLD

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