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01.07.2019 Feature Article

Snake Oil Salesmen in the Garb of Professional Pastors

Snake Oil Salesmen in the Garb of Professional Pastors
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Some years back I read the account of 2 pastors in seminary who thought if will be nice to visit one of the mega-churches in town.

They arrived early but still got a back pew, they had a somewhat wonderful worship experience because the music was great. When it got to preaching time, the pastor said something like "today, like the past months we shall be preaching from Shakespear" he then gave a long discource about nothing.

So after the service these two cornerd the pastor and asked "why Shakespear?"

"Oh, we finished the Bible some years ago" the pastor foolishly says.

This is a true story.
And it happens many times.
Preachers read management, family therapy, drug and crisis counselling books and believe they have a message for a broken world. What a shame!

These preachers turned professionals should spend more time with their Bibles and less time in the pulpit. No human wisdom can surpass even the most foolish thing of God's word.

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Kwame Sarpey
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