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My Mum is a Witch

Should I inherit her gift?
Cards used by witchesCards used by witches
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Dear Sire,
Are the stories true? In all our movies witches are portrayed as evil and ominous people, is it true? I don’t ask out of some morbid intellectual curiosity but out of a genuine need of help.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Two days ago, I got to know that my loving mum is a witch and she wants me to have her gift when she’s dead. I’m a Christian, so is my mum. She was even the head of the women’s ministry of our church for many years. She has served as head of two prominent Christian groups in the country so I don’t understand how she could be a witch. The doctors say her cancer hasn’t affected her brain and none of the two very powerful prophets I’ve consulted has confirmed her witchcraft. I am at a loss, is my mother who won’t hurt a is really a witch?

Everyone talks about her generous and godly spirit so you can understand my shock. Its so unreal to have her admit she’s a witch. How can she be when she brought me up to fear god? And she’s now asking me too be a witch when she’s gone. The doctors have given her a few weeks to live and I need to decide quickly as everything I am is attributed to her giftings.

All my life I have done everything she has asked of me for I love her and want to be like her in everything but now I’m confused. Sire, please advise me on what to do. What is witchcraft and is it true that there is a white and black kind? Should I accept my mum’s own? Like my mum can I also be a witch and maintain my Christian confession? Thank you for helping me.

Desperate woman,
Jennifer Gardner.

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