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26.06.2019 Feature Article

A Restored Ghana; We Are Not Far From Realising Osagyefo's Dreams Of A Better And Prosperous Ghana

A Restored Ghana; We Are Not Far From Realising Osagyefo's Dreams Of A Better And Prosperous Ghana
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The so-called current hardship should see a drastic decline from November right down to the first quarter of 2020 thus: if NAADA's government is able to find the needed money to complete the Savings n Loans clean up before the close of the 3rd quarter.

More Cash should be chasing abundant local goods by then!

We shouldn't under estimate these financial clean ups. It is not only strategical but it touches directly into the heart of the core Micro and Macro fundamentals of our economy. It promises to relax our fiscal burden over a medium to long term creating a chance for an economic upliftment.

In my candid opinion and from where I stand; Statutory payments will be prompt, political promised projects will be funded, contractors will be smiling to a practical and a more realistic Bank (due the clean up and mergers), businesses will get funding from our banks and employment will be created in the process.

Let's not forget that already, our agriculture sector is seeing some massive improvement. This year, we recorded a trade surplus and Exported some root crops to our neighbouring countries. It promises to improve more in the coming season due to fresher strategic programs like the newly introduced PLANTING FOR EXPORT and most recently the home grown rice projects.

A deep throat source within the Ghana Export Promotion Authority of which my firm is a proud member in a private convo with him at his base whispered to me that, they have tabled down some amendments before Parliament. If approved, we should have some new policies that will balloon our Exports and create avenues on the international market (with all checks and balances with less ban or not at all) for our local goods and services.

In doing so, our international reserves will see a marginal increase (non oil) making way for some more hard currencies to quench the forex deficits!

In conclusion : despite all the petty bad and negative scandals befalling this government; this could be negated with the progress results expected in the short term. Inflation becomes a critical component in the above write up.

Inflation should reduce drastically. We all know the ingredients which influences Inflation thus: Prices of goods and services.

The issue of bread and butter, pepper and salt will see a drastic face lift in terms of reduction in prices on the local market for the ordinary Ghanaian Household.

Me as an individual, am hopeful that our economy will revive and do better especially considering the fact that we have left the imperialist IMF!

This is a short piece to keep hopes alive! There is hope so let's keep the HOPE alive! In all these trials and tribulations ; nkunim di b3 y3 y3n daa! Ghana fuor!

Selasi Koffi Ackom

An Nkrumahist!

[email protected]

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