Wed, 08 May 2019 Feature Article

China’s Successfully World First Genetically Altered Twins

With Nana And Lulu Of Jianku He, China Prepares For Biological Wars
The birth of Lulu and NanaThe birth of Lulu and Nana

China's top health body has demanded local authorities to investigate an experiment that allegedly successfully created the world's first genetically altered twins, Nana and Lulu.

What was accomplished according to Jiankui He, from the "CCR5" gene by removing (deleting) the co-receptor, the "CCR5 Deletion gene was produced. The complete "CCR5" gene is present in all mammals.

The form deleted by, however, is only existing outside laboratories in 40% of a cat species and up to 25.9% in human groups. Practically all wild mammals and 99% of all humans have the complete "CCR5".

All gene alleles "CCR5 Deletion of humans so far came from a single person. The "p32" of the "CCR5" removed byJiankui He is important for defense reactions against rectal diseases, life-threatening liver diseases.

Primary sclerosing cholangitis, kidney diseases, against Melanoma cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, gallbladder cancer, urinary bladder cancer, cancer of the oral cavity, Prostate cancer, liver cancer, and viral neuroinvasive infections.

For example, early Summer Meningoencephalitis, Russian Spring-Summer Encephalitis and West Nile Virus Disease as well as viral hemorrhagic diseases, e.g. Yellow Fever, as well as Idiopathic Recurrent Miscarriages, coronary heart Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Deletion is therefore unfavorable but it protects against plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, syphilis, cholera and retroviral immune deficiencies such as HIV. Reference: (Geisler W. The Jubilee Murders. 2018:90-92, 100-101)

Carriers of this gene have remained and remain alive while around them hundreds of millions of people fall ill and die in these epidemics. The proportion of people with "CCR5 Deletion p32" in the population of Europe has since the 14th century multiplied by a factor of two thousand from 1:20,000 to 1:10.

Africa, America, Asia, and Australia were thus conquered. The "CCR5 Deletion p32" mechanism allows an HIV contact to remain a non-pathogenic, detectable contact.

Washington D.C., USA, has the highest HIV infestation rates in the USA.

Also for "whites" there, the annual HIV incidence is four times as high as the US average. However, their HIV mortality rate is ten times lower than that of the total population.

Washington D.C. is, therefore, home to HIV-B weapons warriors. (Geisler 2018:125)

The 10 largest (out of 336 reported) shares of "CCR5 Deletion p32" alleles are 25.9% Ashkenazim from Lithuania in Israel; 21.0% Belarus; 20.93% Ashkenazim in Israel; 20.9% Jews in Poland; 19.5% Jews from Eastern Europe in Australia; 19.4% graves from 1750 - 1810 in Goslar, Harz, Germany; 18.5%.

Hiiumaa (Dagö) island Estonia, Soviet military restricted area until 1990; 17.10% graves Middle Stone Age, South Sweden; 16.8% Caucasians, Hawai island, USA; 16.6% St. Petersburg, Russia. Great Britain with 14% and France with 13.6% are also leading.

But at 0%, most African states, as well as Iraq, Jordan, Syria (<1%) Egypt-Sinai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India and China (as the only permanent member of the UN Security Council) are vulnerable to possible epidemics.