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06.05.2019 Feature Article

A Solemn Reunion With Ramadhan

A Solemn Reunion With Ramadhan
LISTEN MAY 6, 2019

Twelve Lunar months ago, you(Ramadhan) parted ways with me in an emotive and passionate way. You left me alone to struggle with my life journey. In that lonely journey of mine, I missed you dearly and yearn for you passionately.

The eleven Lunar months without you were months of pain, sinfulness and forgetfulness. They were months that I was lost totally. I went astray and was heedless of my Sublime Lord's divine commands. They were months that every part of my body betrayed me. My eyes were always watching what it wasn't expected to watch. My mouth was saying what pushes me into destruction. My ears were eager to listen to what doesn't concern it. My legs were carrying me to places I wasn't expected to go and the treasure between my legs was doing the worse of all things.

Those months without you were months that I forgot to hold on tightly to the ties of kinship. I left my family and blood relations alone and lived a life I am so ashamed to think of and recollect. I broke off the bond that united us and binded us together. I was the heedless and lost black sheep that was wandering and not knowing where I was heading towards.

I was never generous a bit. I ignored the poor and the needy that came to me and those that didn't come to me, I pretended as if they did not exist. I felt helping them will diminish my wealth and for that matter I was very stingy and miserly with my wealth. In my miserliness and stinginess, I forgot that it was Allah that blessed me with that wealth and he could take it away at any moment He deemed it fit.

But your coming as reawakened my conscience and spirit. I now realised my waywardness and awkwardness. I now know my wandering soul is slowly coming back home. It is coming to the life it has been created for and I am relieved a bit for that.

My dear Ramadhan, my reunion with you is a new journey of hope, sacrifice and perseverance. I know Allah the Magnificent has blessed you with generosity, forgiveness and love. I know you have come with many ways and numerous doors to Jannah(Paradise). I trust and believe that I will also benefit from the good and generosity of your coming, In sha Allah.

Blessed Ramadhan, I am happy you have come along with you with a lot of forgiveness. Allah the Forgiving One, has opened the doors to His Jannah and shut the door to Jahannam (Hell) whenever you come. Allah has equally chained the treacherous and forever dangerous shaitan whenever you are present. That is pleasing to me and pleasing to all sons of Adam(Peace Be Upon Him) because worship and seeking of forgiveness will now become very easy for us.

My sweet Ramadhan, you have come with keys to a success that no other month can ever give me. You are the month of the Qur'an. You are the month of victory. You are the month of seeking forgiveness, generosity and entering into Jannah. You are the only month that comes with the blessed night of Laylatul-Qadr. You are the month that binds families, friends and brothers together. You are the month of patience, love and perseverance. You are a month I'll forever love and cherish.

May Allah bless this month of Ramadhan for us and may He, the Loving Creator, accept our fast and worship in this blessed month. May He forgive us our numerous sins and waywardness and make us enter Jannah with ease. May Allah make us maintain and preserve the values we will learn in this blessed month of Ramadhan. May Allah forgive our righteous predecessors and may His Peace and Blessings Be Upon Muhammad, his family and his companions.

Fuseini Abdul-Fatawu
(Email- [email protected] )

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