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13.04.2019 Feature Article

In The Midst Of The Wolves

The best strategies for building a resilient and sustainable life in the midst of ravenous wolves.
In The Midst Of The Wolves

A resilient and prudent bank of social capital, as well as effective transcultural alliance are very crucial and imperative for our lifelong learning curve, progressive developmental patterns and successful journeying of trilogy of life. The decision of carefully selecting and integrating people into our mainstream life cycle is not an easy one, which often lands us in a static dilemma condition, for a very long time. The complex nature of human behaviour has been extensively and critically analyzed by several sociologists, social workers and psychologists, since time immemorial. However, this exercise has not been fully discovered and proven, because humans are dynamic beings who always change their pattern of behaviour to suit changing situations; some may be explicit, while others are implicitly inclined.

Two categories of people are always evident in our lives. One is likened to the personality and living orientation of a sheep, and the other, a wolf. The reality is that, the number of wolves in the field far outnumber the true resemblance of Godly-oriented sheep.One must however, critically and vigilantly note that, when people continue to constantly praise you for almost everything you do without extensive assessment and analysis of its impact on society and/or without any recognition of its consistency with God's Handwriting, then there is a higher level of propensity that they're indirectly taking away your strength and potency.

This demands that, we must do an extensive appraisal exercise and deep rooted analysis before we accept and integrate people into our life patterns, because the ones we think are for us might rather be the people who are indirectly sucking your blood and piercing your soul painfully and severely.

Also, we must be highly vigilant, consistently put on the lens of wisdom and firmly hold the directional compass of God's Handwriting, necessary to control and effectively direct our path and locomotive endeavours throughout our earthly journey.

The schemes and operational mechanisms and strategies of the "harvesters" are very foggy, scary, implicit, and uncertain. Their appearance, and lifestyle orientation project a highly luring image, which equally subjects to the resemblance of that of the sheep. Even though, a multitude of the people around you might succumb to an authoritative structure, which might implicitly and indirectly be threat to your progress in life, you must take an assertive and bold action to remain unique and condition your life pattens to a direction that is appropriate and best for you. A success formula of indolence, evil schemes, pirating operation tactics, luring and lust of an eye image, and brisk flattery avenues around the globe, may be presented to you by these harvesters, which might sometimes, in a gradual positioning stance, have the propensity to weaken and win your priceless personality orientation of faithfulness, telescopic disposition, assertiveness, and deep rooted endowment of wisdom.

The dynamic nature of their operational mechanisms is very laborious and muddy to detect and safeguard against, since they've vehemently established their foundational imperatives on the religious arena. Their philosophical agenda and doctrinaire is slated magnificently on the bedrock of "one size fit all" principle, coupled with hedonistic empowering domain status quo.

Some may present themselves as new born heavenly Angels, fully endowed with God's accolades, and in a sophisticated and shinny brightening apparel of Golden nature. Other times too, an Angel-like and monstrous defined posture is their resemblance display.

Latently, wolf-minded people strive assiduously to constantly negate almost everything you do in life. They become very furious when they acknowledge your level of progress in life, and work from dusk to dawn, day and night to bring you down to a "zero-state". Others too put on an apparel of hypocrisy; especially when you're faced with intense trials and tribulations, they form a web of mockery society, and work to indoctrinate those around you to stone you severely with libel, shame and intense mockery.

Dramatically, some tend to draw closer to you, immediately they sense that you're progressing in life, and there's a higher probability and conviction that you are going to be an icon in the world and for God. Once they maneuver their way into your garden, they employ a wide range of automated device to track your daily locomotive life patterns.

When devastated and totally down in life, they unexpectedly maneuver briskly to your aid with a yolk of medicinal instruments, disguisedly powered and fueled in deadly ocean of pain and eternal destruction.

Shielding ourselves with the unquenchable flames of prayerful force, and consistently holding steadfastly to the Handwriting and wisdom of God is best step and the assured way to overcome the evil traps and deadly locomotive patterns of the wolves around the globe.

Finally, develop yourself, train your brain and invest wisely in your social capital as a youth. Because the degree at which you train your brain and effectively build your social capital will determine the quantum and range of opportunities you are likely to unlock someday or in the near future.

Theophilus Quaicoe

Theophilus Quaicoe
Theophilus Quaicoe, © 2019

I am a final year student of Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
I am a young innovative writer, activist, resilient change agent, social justice pursuer and currently the project coordinator for Library Impact Project, Ghana.
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