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IMAGO 2019: Embracing The Fullness of Brong-Ahafo's Major Tourist Sites in a Grand style.

Balancing our work and recreational world in a grand style.
IMAGO 2019: Embracing The Fullness of Brong-Ahafo's Major Tourist Sites in a Grand style.
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The ability and willfulness to welcome, accept and warmly embrace the natural soothing serenity of every Godly endowed resource in the environment is equally an indelible way, imperative and assured step of glorifying, respecting, acknowledging the Supreme Being's care and love for humanity.

Even though life challenges are highly inevitable, there is the need to always create a comprehensive alliance between our long- listed routine tasks and our recreational world.

In the quest of advancing, upgrading and promoting Ghana's enormous and priceless reserved natural environmental resources, many visionary pioneers have birthed travel and tour initiatives, necessary to aid, spearhead and fast track the whole process and activity.

In 2011, StudaTour was unraveled to provide high quality and best travel and tour services in Ghana and beyond. Embedded in their curriculum are fully assured safety and security, professional service delivery, best human resource, linkages with all the major tourist sites in Ghana, comprehensive packages for all categories of people at a moderate cost and full recognition of their activities by Ghana Tourism Authority and International Accredited Bodies.

Over the years, they have taken Ghana's tourism events to an appreciable tangent point, far beyond the axis of the skies.

Last year, it was an interesting, memorable and gleeful celebrative event. People from all walks of life; students, churches, workers, missionaries, leaders of communities and organizations, all passionately and excitedly embraced such lifetime event in the major naturally soothing sites in Kumasi.

Uniquely, they've experts who understand the needs of every person, and give quick and responsive solutions to everyone. Socialization at this time is at its peak, since you get the chance to freely and openly interact and communicate with wide range of people from varied cultural background, socioeconomic stance, and professional arena. One gets the full opportunity to advance his/her networking horizon and scope, for effective adaptation and successful integration into all facets of life.

Recreational activities interestingly have the potencies of creating an excellent bond between people and their environment, as a requirement for fulfilling one's umwelt need in life. It projects a medicinal laboratory of joy, affection, affirmation, socialization, warmth, love, that goes a long way to provide a lasting healing instrument for people who are experiencing intense stress, depression, grief, sorrow, regrets, suicide ideation, alcoholism, chemical dependence, among others.

StudaTour's significant impact on society is evidently explicit in the lives of all Ghanaians. The telescopic journey continues this year too, as four major naturally soothing sites in Brong and Ahafo Regions respectively have been suitably and significantly selected on the 27th of April, 2019 dubbed Imago. Imago 2019 seeks to fully and celebratorily explore the Bono Manso Slave Centre, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and Fuller Falls. One may be imagining if these sites are also part of Ghana's natural endowment. The most exciting thing is that around the Globe, Ghana is among the best countries with best tourists and highly preserved natural soothing sites.

To our fellow youth, this is a great opportunity to appreciate our rich cultural resources, preserve them, and educate the world about the best ways to advance our cultural imperatives to a higher pedestal. We all have the obligation to help Mother Ghana gain sustainable recognition when it comes to the tourism arena.

Join us, as we parachute and journey through and around, explore and fully appreciate the above mentioned beautiful, serene and naturally soothing sites in a day at a rate of only 80Ghs...You can't miss this anniversarial and great celebrative lifetime event!

Confused, faced with dilemma about how you're going to take pictures, videos, recordings...? Worry no more!

Imago has professional, advanced and expert photographers who are going to take full coverage of the whole event and also provide personal photographic services to everyone who joins and partakes in this event.

It's gonna be super fun, High-tech, memorable and Grand style eventful moment...Feel free and empowered to join this trip by contacting these numbers (+233278004267/+233547923408) for tickets and reservations

Save the date: 27th April, 2019.
See you there very soon...
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Theophilus Quaicoe
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