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History Of Regions In Ghana

History Of Regions In Ghana

*Did you know that Ghana started with 3 regions but has 16 now?*

Well, Counsellor Daniel Fenyi brings you interesting facts about Ghana. Just read on!

Ghana has 16 regions now, but started with just 3 regions. Yes, we had Ashanti, Gold Coast Colony and Northern Territories by 1902.

1956: 4 regions- Ashanti, Gold Coast Colony, Northern Territories, and Trans Volta Togoland.

1957: 5 regions- Ashanti (Kumasi), Eastern (Koforidua), Northern (Tamale), Trans-Volta Togoland (Ho), Western (Cape Coast).

1959: Ashanti region split into Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo regions.

1960: Northern region split into Northern and Upper regions.

1970: Western region split into Western (capital Sekondi) and Central (capital Cape Coast).

1971: Sekondi and Takoradi merged to form the twin city of Sekondi-Takoradi, the new capital of Western.

1982: Accra and Ada split from Eastern region to become Greater Accra (capital Accra).

1983: Upper region (capital Bolgatanga) split into Upper East and Upper West regions.

*Now, Ghana has 16 regions:* Upper West, *North East,* Upper East, *Savannah,* Northern, *Bono East,* Brong Ahafo, *Oti,* Ashanti, *Ahafo,* Eastern, Western, *Western North,* Central, Volta and Greater Accra.

*Again, Ghana is in it's 4th Republic. Here they are:*

*1st Republic-* 1st July, 1960 and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was president. It was overthrown by A.A. Afrifa on 24th February, 1966.

*2nd Republic-* 1st October, 1969 and the President was Dr. Abrefa Busia. It was overthrown by I.K Acheampong on 13th January, 1972.

*3rd Republic-* 24th September, 1979 and the President was Dr. Hilla Limann. It was overthrown by J.J. Rawlings on 31st December, 1981.

*4th Republic-* 7th January, 1993 and the President was J.J. Rawlings.

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