14.11.2018 Feature Article

Who Controls The Quality Of Products Supplied To Africa?

Such images of hungry children must come to an end because Africa is rich to feed the childrenSuch images of hungry children must come to an end because Africa is rich to feed the children
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Participants in the joint UN program on HIV / AIDS, claim that between 1981 and 2006, 25 million people died of AIDS! The World Health Organization announced that in 2007 alone 33.2 million HIV-infected people were registered, and 2.1 million people died.

Leading the number of infected and dead part of the African continent, located south of the Sahara (Black Africa). Only 10% of the world's population lives in the region, but 70% of them have AIDS!

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the number of people living with HIV has increased by more than 150% over the past few years. And in Vietnam over the same period, the number of patients doubled. Among Asian countries, the first place in Indonesia.

In Russia and in the post-Soviet space, AIDS is spreading at a catastrophic pace. But how to explain how the entire African continent suffers from AIDS, yet has immunodeficiency? It's very simple: Africa has its own agriculture, but still depends on imported food.

The stories of famine in Africa forces the US government, that is, the American taxpayer, to raise money for food for Africans. American corporations take money, but as humanitarian aid, they naturally don’t supply quality products to Africa,

Instead, they fuse low-quality, expired, non-nutritive, empty at best, and simply infected food saturated with malignant chemistry, according to the principle. So, what American corporations are doing is just genocide.

In Africa, natural factors always regulate the population, but natural factors do not give any profit to American a corporation, that is the cause of AIDS in Africa.

Diseases to the African continent can be done through water, food, and medicines. Africa, therefore, is a direct global case of targeted poisoning of people of the whole continent with toxic substances distributed as counterfeit products and drugs.

Who controls the quality of products supplied to Africa? - No one and if there is it’s not efficient because corruption produces shoddy work in Africa and retards the continent’s development.