05.11.2018 Feature Article

Wrong Solutions To Political Problems

Lies and hypocrisy are unseen terrorism affecting every societyLies and hypocrisy are unseen terrorism affecting every society
05.11.2018 LISTEN

Whether you believe in Darwin's Theory or God's creation, one thing you can't ignore is the unstable world without improvement.

Political chaos, corruption, suicide, stagnating economy, organized crime, misogyny, and unemployment have placed thousands of people in a state of hopelessness, anxiety, and fear.

If a journalist stops anyone on the street and asks: "What is the cause of today's unstable world?" About sixty to seventy percent will give 'Terrorism' as the answer. Apart from terrorism there are other factors seriously affecting our society that many don't take into account.

Worldwide, governments are desperate, trying to find the solution to diverse problems but nothing works. New laws and rules are coming in daily. Taxes are being raised, smoking in public places are being banned and all kinds of measures are being introduced but nothing seems to work.

Donald Trump thinks building a wall between Mexico and America, will liberate America to be a trouble-free super paradise, forgetting that about 60 percent of America's problems are within. Let Trump lay his bricks from Texas to Mexico and then to Addis Ababa, that will not stop America's internal, external and political problems.

After everything has failed, Trump and other fruitless hard working governments should try to eliminate hypocrisy, lies, cover up crimes, scandals, corruption, and other unwholesome issues seriously affecting the society and see how successful their countries or the world will be.

Germany is trying very hard to build its reputation after the Holocaust. Streets bearing the names of Hitler had long been changed. There was one also in Cologne which has also been changed. On February 13, in Austria, a man imitating Hitler, calling himself Herald Hitler has been arrested.

Why are Germany and Austria fighting terrorism and discouraging the activities the Nazi leader at the same time? Because it will be a mere hypocrisy if they fight against crime and yet support crimes by the Nazi leader. In Austria or Germany, you'll end up in prison for Hitler's salute because it's an offensive gesture.

So one can agree with me about the hypocrisy in Belgium if the government and the royal family claim that they are fighting against terrorism or crime, yet have a statue of a king who killed over ten million people, including women and children in Congo, Africa. If there is no statue of Hitler for killing six million Jews, why the statue of someone who killed over ten million Africans?

Taking what Belgium did into consideration, would you say the Country supports or aiding crime? That is more than hypocrisy if Belgium wants to convince the world that they are fighting against terrorism or crime, in a country which has a statue of a king who committed such a crime.

Europe and America feel so strong to say that Africa is corrupt, lazy and uneducated but corruption is also severe in both Europe and America. If Africa becomes successful that depends on the leaders and when the continent fails, they will still blame the leaders, therefore, African leaders have a big responsibility to make the continent a better place.