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Discrimination Of Non-Jewish People In Awarding Nobel Prizes

Discrimination Of Non-Jewish People In Awarding Nobel Prizes
13.08.2018 LISTEN

Does the Noble Peace Prize often award to the wrong people?

This phenomenon is increasing, as non-Jewish people received 86% of Nobel Prize awarded between 1900 and 1950, 71% of those awarded between 1950 and 2000, and 68% of those awarded between 2000 and 2007.

As non-Jewish people make up 99.8% of the world population, this would mean that the intelligence genes inherited by non-Jewish people are 235 times weaker than those inherited by Jewish people, all chances of being equal.

Since 2005, renowned US scientists have attributed the resetting in intellectual fields experienced by non-Jewish people behind Ashkenazi Jewish people having obliged to pursue banking activities since AD 800 and having been forced to develop special intelligence as a result.

Their professional success was accordingly due to spontaneous mutations in the genes responsible for intelligence. In contrast, intelligence would have been a disadvantage in the work carried out by non-Jewish people, for example, farming and fighting.

The most successful Jewish bankers had particularly large numbers of children, and therefore, passed on their intelligence genes more frequently. However, these new intelligence genes were associated with metabolic changes.

This is why disorders such as Tay-Sachs disease, Gaucher disease, and cervical dystonia are particularly wide-spread among Ashkenazi Jewish people.

This and similar articles were mentioned by numerous renowned scientific journals, the New York Times, the Economist, Allgemeine Judish Zeitung, and Thilo Sarrazin on several occasions without being contradicted, they even met with a positive response.

This article is not applicable to historical, molecular genetic, demographic, and sociological viewpoints.

Nobel Prizes, for example, are awarded by the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden. 90% of Sweden's industrial assets are controlled by banks that are in turn controlled by the Jewish Wallenberg Family. "He who plays the piper calls the tune," as the popular saying goes.

One percent of the world population will soon possess more of the world's wealth than the remaining 99%.

The millennia-long suppression of non-Kohen/non-Levite Jewry, the 1,700-year suppression of non-Papal Catholics, the thousand-year suppression of the non-aristocratic European population, the hundreds of millions of murders and enslavement of people in America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, have nothing to do with an intelligence less than that of the kohens, popes, aristocrats or Europeans.

Therefore, what's stopping the non-Jewish people from developing their strengths?

Culled from Dr. Wolff Geisler's English edition of 'The Jubilee Murders.'