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Opinion | Jun 9, 2018

The Drastic Effect Of Biological Warfare Products In Vietnam And Africa

The Drastic Effect Of Biological Warfare Products In Vietnam And Africa

The use of bio-warfare product 'Agent Orange' by America during the Vietnam war leads to many ailments, including crooked spines.

Mycotoxin substance found in urine, hair and blood samples of African children

Former United States Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, accused the Soviet Union of attacking Hmong tribesman in Laos and Kampuchea with a mysterious new chemical warfare agent, containing mycotoxins, thereby violating the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

The symptoms exhibited by purported victims included internal hemorrhaging, blistering of the skin, and other clinical responses that are caused by exposure to trichothecenes.

It's (yellow) rain above Southeast Asia
Leaf samples from Southeast Asian countries were analyzed by Chester Mirocha of the University of Minnesota and nivalenon, deoxynivalenon, and T-2 were found in them. On reports in the scientific literature, these mycotoxins did not occur naturally in Southeast Asia. The purported chemical warfare agent came to be known as yellow rain.

Mycotoxins can be used as chemical warfare agents. There is considerable evidence that Iraqi scientists developed aflatoxins as part of their bioweapons program during the 1980's. But what about defoliant Agent Orange? This herbicide orange (HO) was one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program in Vietnam.

In 1962, began operation Ranch Hand, and continued until 1971. More than 75 million gallons of poison was sprayed over South Vietnam and parts of Laos and Cambodia. The agent was called 'Agent Orange or Yellow Rain' because it was delivered in barrels with orange stripes.

Helicopters and other aircraft were deployed to disperse the toxins, but also boats and trucks were used. The war in Vietnam is over four decades ago but there are still casualties, scars, and remnants of the ugly war. The areas sprayed by the US military with the 'Agent Orange' (herbicide) affected the environment to the extent that many children were born disabled.

The criminal defendant Dow Chemical company knew that Agent Orange contained dioxin. The government and defendants undoubtedly knew that dioxin was a highly toxic chemical that might pose dangers to those exposed but the ignored and the spraying began.

Once the US government decided to suspend all flights to spray coca plantations in Colombia with agent orange indefinitely because two pilots are shot down by probably the FARC or drug dealers.

It's also raining yellow above Sub-Saharan countries

The US government has learned nothing from the use of biowarfare agents on a large scale by airplanes against whatsoever problem they want to cause or achieve. As far as Africa is concerned, photographs from the Vietnam War and the pictures of similar flights above Sub-Saharan country civil war regions showed the application of biowarfare agents like mycotoxin shipped towards Africa.

What the impact will be on the ground for flora and fauna and any population in the long term is still questionable? But certainly, this causes many other diseases, including breast cancer, nodding disease and Aids! Power to America means like a treasure to them but it's simple greed, lies, intimidation, hypocrisy and domination.

Mycotoxins dispersed by planes or through the water contamination destroy crops. But destroying food in hungry Africa is out of the question and contaminated crops are also diverted into animal feed. Giving contaminated feeds to susceptible animals can lead to reduced growth rates, illness, and death.

Moreover, animals consuming mycotoxin-contaminated feeds can produce meat and milk that contain toxic residues and biotransformation products. Thus, aflatoxins in cattle feed can be metabolized by cows into aflatoxin M1, which is then secreted in milk as described by Peterson. (see reference).

Urine samples from children in Sierra Leone
Urine samples from children in Sierra Leone (134 boys and 110 girls), were collected during the dry season and in the rainy season and other samples were collected from 97 boys and 93 girls.

With the exception of one boy, analysis of the dry season samples revealed that all children had detectable amounts of aflatoxins and/or ochratoxins in their urine. Similarly, with the exception of four children (two from each sex), rainy season urine samples also contained mycotoxins.

"Urine, hair, and blood samples from children in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, and Liberia showed Detectable Amounts Of Mycotoxins."

But the World Health Organization, the US government, the Center for Diseases Control and Food and Drug Administration do not support any of the hypothesis, although this so-called “hypotheses” are simple facts as described by Peterson and Kurtz.

The results of this study showed in Sierra Leone children who are frequently and constantly exposed to both aflatoxins and ochratoxins can be compared with children in refugee camps, Uganda, Tanzania, and Liberia. Many of these children were also provided with mycotoxin poisoned food from food storages of international aid organizations (see reference).

An association between moldy grain consumption and hyperestrogenism in swine has been observed since the 1920's. Modern work shows that dietary concentrations of zearalenone as low as 1.0 ppm may lead to hyperestrogenic syndromes in pigs.

Higher concentrations can lead to onylalai in Africa and disrupted conception, abortion, and reproductive problems which have been observed in cattle and sheep and in African women.

Mycotoxin research had received the most enormous coverage worldwide in popular press conferences as possible agents of chemical warfare and their potential involvement in (civil) wars end biowarfare experiments.

Johan van Dongen
Johan van Dongen, © 2018

Johan Van Dongen is a man who cares about humanity. As a scientist, he believes the scientific world is on the wrong track when it comes to the secret of using human beings for experiments and for testing bio-weapons.

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