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An Incompetent Amnesty International; A Compromised NDC Minority MPs; And The Snarls Of A Dismissed Regional Minister.

An Incompetent Amnesty International; A Compromised NDC Minority MPs; And The Snarls Of A Dismissed Regional Minister.
LISTEN JUN 7, 2018

After their positions as Vice- Chancellor (VC) and Finance Officer (FO) had been declared null and void due to their appointments by an expired Governing Council, and having earlier on stolen so much from the coffers of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), it is only natural that the "thieves" (to borrow the words of Prof. Lungu), flashed their looted cedi bills in the eyes of an incompetent Amnesty International (AI), who unprofessionally fell for the outright falsehoods of the confused Prof. Avoke, and his equally brainless blind followers, who aver that transfer of staff from one campus to the other, constitute an abuse of human rights.

I believe Amnesty International, which is rightfully referred to in some quarters as an Association of Incompetents (AI), has never transferred any of its staff! What hypocrisy of an Amnesty International, who harshly sacked their staff and immediately replaced same with Dr. Vincent Adzahle-Mensah tribesmen, lock the affected staff out of their offices, and for nearly a year, has refused to pay them the compensation due them! What do these jokers of Amnesty International GHANA, know about human rights?

An equally compromised NDC Minority MPs, disgracefully got hoodwinked with this Prof. Avoke cooked up story of routine transfer of staff, being an abuse of human rights. What a shame! One wonders how much these 'honourables' were paid by the Avoke-Ackorlie-Avea-Bekoe-Kamassah team!

Since Prof. Avoke and his lame ducks, are short-sighted, a little journey down memory lane, might help jog their selfish clouded memories.

The current Registrar of UEW, Surv. Paul Osei Barimah, Esq., was suddenly transferred from Winneba, to the Mampong campus. So was the current Ag. Finance Officer, Mr. Bruno Chirani, from UEW Winneba Campus to the Ajumaku campus. Soon thereafter, all staff of the then Pro-VC were, without even any routine consultation, transferred. Where were the Amnesty International GHANA team and where was the NDC Minority 'Freedom Fighters'? Probably too busy at that time enjoying their illegal double salaries!

I guess the sudden dismissal of then Dr. Ephraim Avea Nsoh, as the Upper East Regional Minister, by an NDC government, was not an abuse of his human rights! However, a University, exercising its vested administrative authority, just as the NDC did by sacking Avea Nsoh, is now seen by the same inconsistent NDC as an abuse of human rights! And these 'conmen', have the audacity to parade themselves as Christians and Moslems?

Where was Amnesty International Ghana, when Avea Nsoh, was disrespectfully and disgracefully bundled out of office as Upper East Regional Minister by the Mills administration? Is Amnesty International, and the current NDC confused Minority, telling the whole world that Avea Nsoh, had no human rights for anyone to have taken into account, at the time he was thrown out of office as the Upper East Regional Minister? Even if now Associate Prof. Avea Nsoh, had 'animal rights', the NDC violated these 'animal rights', and Amnesty International kept mute, because the fired Prof. Avea Nsoh, had no ill-gotten wealth from public office to go and 'slap' on Amnesty International Ghana’s face, to organise a Press Conference and call for a respect of Avea Nsoh’s 'animal rights'! 'No be so'?

Continuing on the dispensing with the services of staff at UEW, the first senior member (lecturer) to sever his employment ties with UEW since Prof. Avoke was sent packing out of UEW as Vice-Chancellor, together with his looting brigade, is Dr. Samuel Atintono. This guy wasn't sacked. He simply vacated his post, on the advice of this same cantankerous Avea Nsoh.

UEW, in accordance with Article 20.2 of the Conditions of Service of Senior Members of the Public Universities of Ghana, wrote to declare Dr. Atintono's position, vacant.

Anyone who disputes the above facts, should head to court and set the records straight, if any.

Why is it that Prof. Avoke and his lot, did not make noise when UEW wrote to declare Dr. Atintono's position vacant, and the subsequent repossession of his bungalow by UEW, but they found it expedient to throw dust into the public eyes when Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe, was dismissed for gross insubordination, and for threatening to butcher members of the Governing Council, and his bungalow, also repossessed by the University? The 'butchers' case, is pending before a court of 'contested' jurisdiction, so no further comment.

Are these crooks claiming that Dr. Peter Pryce, who was sacked by the Avoke-Ackorlie-Akwaa Mensah dynasty was less human than Dr. Bekoe?

Recently, the contract of Mr. Lawrence Quarshie, having failed in 10 years to undertake the Post Graduate Diploma in Education, as required in his appointment, was not renewed. Of course, Mr Quarshie and his sympathizers are going round telling strange stories, and failing to be truthful as usual.

Fact is that the University erred in confirming his appointment 8 years ago, and erred again when it renewed his contract thereafter!

The current administration of UEW, headed by Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, which assumed office per the Rule of Law, and continued in office per the provisions of Section 10 of Act 672, which the Governing Council of UEW constitutionally invoked, does not countenance illegalities, so it politely declined to renew Mr. Quarshie's illegal employment.

Someone should ask the incompetent Amnesty International Ghana, if the University of Education, Winneba, as a corporate “person” does not have rights? Is it proper for officers who have been duly asked to step aside, or whose offices have been declared null and void, to continue driving the vehicles belonging to UEW, and for that matter the Government of Ghana?

This write-up, would be incomplete without directly addressing 2 questionable characters.

Associate Prof. Ephraim Avea Nsoh, a 'pensioneer', who has criminally reduced his age by not less than 10 years, to enable him continue to work illegally, goofed 'big time', when he called on the current VC of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni to step down. To step down for who to step up?

Who went on air and called on the most corrupt VC in the history of UEW to step down? No one! The akpeteshie seller simply headed to court. And this Avea Nsoh, says he is a Professor and yet is 'beaten to pulp' by an akpeteshie seller! No wonder Avea Nsoh, was bundled out of office as Regional Minister, in a 'Rambo Style', by the late President Mills.

The stupid comment by Avea Nsoh that he will dance when the current VC of UEW (Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful- Broni) steps down, is a classic misplaced revenge Avea Nsoh has been harbouring.

When Avea Nsoh was sensibly thrown out of office by the late President Mills, the whole of the Upper East Region, including Avea Nsoh’s household, celebrated!

Parties were organised across the entire region; most drinking spots made all sorts of drinks available for free; for a whole a week, GPRTU in the region transported passengers for free; a fresh breath of air was acknowledged across the Upper East Region.

As a result of the above near death experience of Avea Nsoh when he was booted out of office by his own 'National Den of Crooks' -NDC, his filthy body is itching for a dance on the downfall of an upright official like the Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, the current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba.

The second character to be addressed directly, is Prof. Raymond Atuguba, the lawyer for Prof. Avoke and his evil lot. If Prof. Atuguba was a Constitutional Lawyer worth his salt, as the then Executive Secretary to President Mahama (dead goat) at the time the defunct governing council’s mandate was extended unconditionally, he would have made a difference, and Prof. Avoke wouldn't have lost his job as VC of UEW. A first year LLB Student at the University of Bedfordshire, would have advised President Mahama that he had no Constitutional power to override the clear provisions of an Act of Parliament.

It would be a disservice to humanity, to assert in this write-up that Prof. Avoke and his 'daylight robbers', looted funds from the coffers of UEW, without providing evidence.

On pages 18 and 19 of the University of Education, Winneba, Governing Council’s Fact Finding Committee Report, the entity evaluation team on 8th September, 2016, "proposed the award of contract for the Construction of Distance Learning Centre in Accra to Messrs Sparkx (SM) Company Limited for GHS 2,435,167.03. However, just after three weeks, the Vice-Chancellor, through an application letter no VC/TRB/VOL.5/10 of 6th October, 2016 applied to the Public Procurement Authority for upward revision of the contract price to GHS 5,000,000 (105% increment)". In explaining the reasons for such increment, Prof. Avoke and his equally confused followers, "failed to give the breakdown of cost involved as well as attach the structural designs of additional works added".

It is from some of the stolen funds above, that they attempted to bribe Hon. Afenyo-Markin, with a cool Ghs 1,000,000 to spare them the ordeal of making the short but life changing trip, to Nsawam.

The difference between a lawyer who guards his reputation jealously (Hon. Afenyo-Markin), and some lawyers who partake in the sharing of looted public funds, is laid bare above.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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