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"Apology My foot" will only hurt your balls

LISTEN FEB 18, 2018

It takes a strong man with a good upbringing and metallic balls to apologize when he goofs in fact in marriage a man with metallic balls sometimes apologizes for doing no wrong just to make peace with a nagging wife.

This is just to demonstrate how important an apology is when it comes to MATURITY.

When NAM 1 made his infamous Ebony tweet some of us gave it to him small and asked that he apologized but because of his ego he refused and rather said he was being lynched and mob attacked which was very surprising in fact his PRO Sammy aggravated it by chastising the manager of Ebony for refusing an offer he had no idea about saying that he wouldn't have made the amount Osikani Richman NAM 1 would have given him if he had even worked for 20years with Ebony.

So let's say NAM 1's tweet is the gospel truth that's why he has refused to apologize, is he saying that people can start dating people's wives behind their backs?

You see Contracts are Contract and they must be respected.

Even if Ebony kept calling him that she was in a shithole and needed a bailout, even if Ebony told him that she was in bondage and needed NAM 1 the savior to rescue her my question is what prevented NAM 1 from doing the right thing by meeting Ebony and her management.

NAM said he met Ebony with the team she died with wow which idiot in this country does not know that Ebony is under the management of Bullet.

I suspect NAM wanted to steal Ebony from Bullet because he thought he was a smart businessman and has money and in so doing lead to the death of Ebony.

Why am I saying this, you see

  1. when Rufftown held their press confab recently to unveil some new artist, Ebony was not there and legitimate questions of her whereabouts were asked and unsatisfactory response from the label were given so could it be that NAM 1 had started giving Ebony monies, therefore, she had started disrespecting her label?
  2. In subsequent interviews you could feel in both party's tones i.e. Ebony & Bullet that there was something going on which seemed to suggest that all was not well in the camp, could it have been some dollars from NAM 1?
  3. Ebony started doing things without informing her management, in fact, she was even traveling without informing them and could this be because of the fact that NAM 1 had really started sponsoring her?

Am raising all these questions because of NAM 1's tweet and hopefully get some answers.

Fact is when Artist joins labels they assign their rights to these labels and therefore CANNOT go round prostituting with other labels. In most contracts, it is the responsibility of the labels to sign contracts with other labels on Artist behalf since Artist have assigned his rights to the label and NOT the other way round.

With this explanation, It becomes virtually impossible for me as a Label to go and speak with Kumi Guitar without the consent of NAM 1 just because Kumi is my old friend or because I may be richer than NAM 1. When that happens then we are creating a jungle where the lions eat the antelopes just because they are stronger than them and the antelopes will have to resort to ways n means including antoa nyeama to protect themselves.

We are NOT in the jungle since we are governed by Laws and I will continue to urge Bullet to test the case in court when the dust settles.

If labels can groom up and coming Artist just for NAM 1 to steal them just because he thinks he is rich then very soon nobody will be ready to invest in that kind of jungle and some of us will not sit aloft and watch that madness happen because 1 man cannot disrespect and disregard the hard work of industry players just because he thinks he has some so-called money.

You need human beings to build an industry and if 1 person thinks he alone can build an industry then he must be hallucinating or suffering from bipolar.

I strongly believe that if all was well in camp there was no way Ebony would have traveled without the notice of Bullet and trust me Bullet too would have never allowed Ebony to make that trip knowing they had to travel in just 2days and even if she insisted Bullet would have found a safer way for her to and fro. In saying this too sometimes what is meant to happen will happen no matter what you do.

In conclusion what NAM 1 post sort to suggest was that Ebony was in bondage and needed a bailout and for some of us who know how hard Bullet had worked hard in just 2 years to bring Ebony from nowhere to become the topmost artist in GH then this tweet, unfortunately, paints a picture of an Ungrateful Ebony.

When we say don't speak ill of the death it simply means they will not be here to defend themselves so let's all learn from this unfortunate accident and incident and make sure we build an industry and Not a jungle warfare.

RIP Ebony.
Now let NAM 1 houseflies(Nwansina) come with their cholera and I will be waiting with the VhimORS.


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