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February 1, 2018 | Opinion/Feature

Kente Saves Ghana From President Trump’s Shithole Concept During His State Of The Nation's Address

James Bafour Amoateng
Kente Saves Ghana From President Trump’s Shithole Concept During His State Of The Nation's Address

The Rich Ghana KENTE cloth took centre stage when the United States President,Donald Trump, on Tuesday, the 30th of January 2018, gave the Constitutional State of the Nation's Address to the US Congress.

A very important Annual Event during which America Presidents outline and boast of their perfomances in the previous year and give their future plans To Americans.So the whole of the United States of America attache great importance to this Address. Both Republicans and Democrates in the US Senate and House of Representatives meet as a House of Congress.

This year's State of the Nation's Address did not differ from the previous ones by the previous Presidents. President D. Trump talked about progress in the American Economy,his support for local Industries and significant cuts in taxes for American Businesses which will fortify and help grow the American Economy.

He mentionned his happiness in the increase in the financial growth of African -Americans during his one year administration. He boasted of his America First Stragedy and a whole lot of positive measures he has put in place to restore the American pride to his people .

President D.Trump talked about American Foreign Policy and the way America will deal with its allies and hold on fast against countries like North Korea and Iran which America perceives as a threat to global peace .

Much as President D. Trump's State of the Nation Address went for the Repubilcans, anger was manifest on the hearts of the Democrats who as usual ,in oppostion, were not in his favour. But what was glaring in this year's State of the Nation's Address was the anger of the Black -American Caucus over PresidentTrump's SHITHOLE effusion about Haiti,El Salvador and African countries.

The Black-Americans wore traditional African-Ghana Kente cloth to the Address to protest what they term as a pure racist remark from their President . In his remark, when he met the Norwegian Prime Minister, President D.Trump stated his preference for Norwegian immigrants over those of the so- called Shithole countries of which Ghana is one.

This racist remark met the repugnant condemnation from the UN, AU, other world bodies and African countries like Botswana and Ghana and aroused heated anti -Trump condemnation debates in the whole of Africa and beyond.

Democrat Bobby Scott tweeted before the Address that wearing the Kente cloth to the Address by the Black-Caucus members was to stand in solidarity with the peoples of the countries President Trump so racially demeaned,and that Ghana's rich Kente cloth stands for dignity.The Black Caucus showed their disapproval of their President's action by staying passive without any applause for the President but rather gleamed in their rich Kente mufflers contrary to the positive response from the Republicans throughout his speech.

Ghana's beautiful Kente Cloth has dignified the people of Ghana and Africa in general.It portrays beauty and honesty .The reality is that Ghanaians are not up to the respect our Kente commands.Many Ghanaians agree with the Shithole remark made by the American President.

They argue that our nation Ghana is indeed a country that has shaterred it's own self and destiny.A country endowed with so much wealth to compare itself to other developed countries of the world. A country where 61percent of the roads are so bad,poor railway system, no airline,poor electricity and water supply and a deep-rooted corruption in our society,with politicians considering political life as a conduit to success.

As things stand now,our DIGNIFIED KENTE will have a tough time saving a country she loves so much.Ghanaians,let us all help our Glorious Kente save us.YES WE CAN!


Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of James Bafour Amoateng and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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