A Relationship Is Not A Marriage Ship

Feature Article A Relationship Is Not A Marriage Ship
DEC 5, 2017 LISTEN

Many are those who have been left devastated and brokenhearted. Countless are they who have shed thick tears over love-gone-bad tales. And of course, there are many others who have sworn never to fall in love again because of past relationship judgement. You lie bad! Your injured heart is only deceiving you that you won't have a feeling for the opposite sex again. You're not a piece of wood, are you?

You just need to wake up to the reality that a relationship is not a marriage ship and so the mere fact that you step into one does not guarantee you a sail to marriage. Don't be fooled by the gifts and candy-sweet promises he/she showers on your head. You'll not be deceived by the attention he/she gives you. You should know 'hardcore' charlatans, pretenders and cheats exist.

Perhaps, you can save your heart the break if you reduce your expectations and enjoy the fun while it lasts. No one disappoints us. The road to disappointment begins at the junction where we nurse fat expectations from human beings and ends at the spot where we lose sight of the fact that we're more of disappointing beings than human beings.

Perhaps, you can save your eyes the tears if you consider the energy and effort you inject into the relationship as sacrifice and not necessarily an investment that must yield dividends by hook or crook. It is not a crime to love your partner. But expecting mutual love or marriage in return is one crime that can land you in prison to serve eternal life in heartbreak with tears and fears.

Symbiosis in relationship may remain an illusion once human nature remains complex. Go into a relationship with less expectations, 'fun mentality', emotional intelligence and maybe, with 'Plan B'. If it finds you in marriage, consider it a bonus or luck from heaven. A boyfriend or girlfriend is not under any gun to marry you regardless of the sacrifices made. Stop living by emotions and start living by reasoning. A relationship is not a marriage ship.

Jet Alan

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