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Road Signs Negligence

A simple road sign should do the magic and prevent needless accidents.
LISTEN OCT 9, 2017
A simple road sign should do the magic and prevent needless accidents.

Negligence kills and that's no joke but I won't bother you with plenty reading this morning since we are just preparing for the weekend.

I sometimes drive from Ghana to Ivory Coast in the line of duty and one thing that's very important on the roads are the road signs without which you will be in serious crisis especially in the night when the forest is very dark. The Axim part is the scariest due to the curves and steep mountainous sides.

The markings on the road also play a significant role.

One thing I observed on the Ivorian side is their seriousness when it comes to road signs and trust me you cant go wrong on their roads.

Now back to Base, I remember during the Gbagbo and Watara conflict in Ivory Coast when most of our neighbouring countries had to clear their goods through our ports ie Burkina Faso, Mali etc.

We would wake up every morning in Tema to find their long trucks with their containers in the middle of the roundabouts ie. Valco and comm 4 roundabout and the reason was because our road signs were nowhere to be found and being strangers to our roads they had no option than to crash their cars into the unsuspecting roundabouts. After some few more accidents proper road signboards were erected to save the foolish situation.

On the Ave Maria main harbour road a friend of mine with his family entered a hole that a contractor had dugged in the middle of the road and left without any road indicators. Fortunately, they survived by Grace.

Everyday drivers run into broken down vehicle in the middle of the road without triangle indicators and Die.

My problem this morning is that there is a contractor on the Tema community 2 road from the BBC road towards the Tema polyclinic and he is constructing some speed ramps on the main road which has never seen ramps before, I stand to be corrected and he has no road signs to show or indicate the work he is doing there. Throughout the night all that one hears is the sound of screeching car tyres from drivers who have no idea such construction is going on and if not careful may swerve into the side gutters whiles the contractor sleeps and snores peacefully in his mansion with his family.

I am sure he will put up the ramp sign after he is done with the construction instead of the other way round.

My question this morning is,

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