The Indifferent And Wicked Nana Addo Led Government Is Sending Majority Of Ghanaians To Their Early Graves

Feature Article President Nana Akufo- Addo
OCT 2, 2017 LISTEN
President Nana Akufo- Addo

It is with deep sadness and absolute dejection that I laced this piece together to cleverly carry home issues on the gradual increasing exposition of the rotten underbelly of the elephant, that is the NPP government.

Since the inception of the Nana Addo led government, the Ghana we all knew swiftly metamorphosed into a jungle where every living thing has to open its eyes wide enough to protect and defend its territory. What is more threatening is the sardonically lugubrious implementation of premature and heart-breaking policies that put the Ghanaian worker sitting on thorns.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is abundantly clearly that the NPP can no longer hold back their claims of competence superiority over the elsewhile JM administration. This therefore left them with no options than to resort to the use of radically wicked and unfriendly strategies to protect their already tattered and seemingly good reputation.

For the first time in the history of Ghana, ninety-nine (99%) percent of public sector workers forcefully fast and pray to get their salaries paid into their accounts at the end of every month. Even with that, most workers still don't get their salaries at the end of the month for reasons unknown to them. In fact, every worker does everything within their capacity to get their salaries at the month ending. Was that what the NPP promise Ghanaians? This is serious!

Godly speaking, it is obviously clear that the ever-increasing level of blood pressure, heart attacks, etc in Ghana is as a result of the unending tension and frustrations that bedeviled the average workers in this country. That is the uncertainty of salaries payment after a committed and dedicated work done through out the month. Worries has now engulfed the average Ghanaian worker as the month journeyed towards its end. What is happening?

My interaction with majority of the public sector workers across all professions revealed that they have not had sound sleep for the past nine months because of the recent fast spreading virulent epidemics of non payment of salaries and abrupt layoff of innocent workers. It is indeed pathetic and disheartening seeing workers on daily bases, moving helter skelter parading themselves at crusades, retreats, all nights to seek the favour of God to make their jobs permanent. Others consult oracles, soothsayers and all kind of powers that you can think of just to secure their jobs.

It is indeed conspicuous that we are sitting on time bomb. For the past nine months Ghanaian workers have suddenly developed the spirit of fear of losing their jobs and non payment of salaries at the end of the month. Why must it be so? Why are people gripped in this kind of fear all of a sudden? I am tempted to believing that the Nana Addo led government is insensitive to the good people of this country. During the tenure of John Mahama, salaries were always paid on 26/27th of every month thereabout. What do we see today? Is that really the change you voted for? Hmmmm!

In all sincerity, I am in a state of total bewilderment as to whether we are indeed led by the Nana Addo, Barrowmia government. It is gravely shocking with what we are going through in this country after all the tauting and mouthwatering promises they made to Ghanaians in the 2016 elections.

Huh! God save us! Now, all the well rehearsed lies and insults that were parroted in the 2016 campaign are being brought to light for Ghanaians to see. Of course, I know some of the party boys and girls will certainly rain insults on me but that will not prevent me from unearthing the odds in this government. We must face the facts. Yes! It is invariably difficult and painful to take in bitter pills. What you must know is that, you have crossed a great river to marry a wise woman therefore you must be ready for the risk of night journey by canoe to your in-laws funeral.

Sincerely speaking, the humongous and elephant size ministerial appointments made by Nana Addo, leave no doubt in me that approximate what I essentially view as a clear symptomatology of an already failed government. Now every average Ghanaian worker is in a state of an indescribable fear coupled with job insecurity, frustrations, high blood pressure and premature death. No wonder the never-ending armed robbery and the increasing marriage breakdown! It is on records that multitude of Ghanaians are being send to their early graves because of the wickedness and insensitivity of this substandard government. For evidentiary purpose, I recalled a student on study leave with pay, in one of the university requested a piece of plot to faint on when he wasn't paid his September salary. You can imagine the hell workers are going through in this country! Was this the country John Mahama handed over you, Nana? I am beginning to feel that Nana will one day fail to pay workers salaries. I recalled this ever happened in Nigeria quite recently.

Mr. President, the heaven and earth that you promised Ghanaians belies what you are delivering now. Why must you rob Peter to pay Pual? Were you forced to implement the free SHS policy? And even if you were forced, must you use some workers salaries to achieve your cheap political points? This is terrifically pathetic and uncalled for. The average Ghanaian workers have bleeding hearts which have transmogrified into severe heart attacks, high blood pressure, untimely deaths and an unquantifiable number of marriage breakdown. The time has come for you and the NPP to stop normalizing and moralizing the odds and negatives in the country and fulfil your campaign promises.

Conclusively Mr. President, I am making a passionate clarion call on you and your government to pay the workers who couldn't get their September salaries to save people lives.

I am also calling on you and your government to stop parroting your well rehearsed speeches as well as the shifting of blames and restore public workers confidence in their jobs security and salaries payments. Too much talking without walking the talks has been the very foundation for so many failures in this country. I will end by quoting Harry Truman who once said, "once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fears".

I shall be back in a jiffy on the unfolding events on the corruption allegations leveled against your chiefs of staff.

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