Cameroun Releases Southern Cameroon Activists

Feature Article Cameroun Releases Southern Cameroon Activists
SEP 2, 2017 LISTEN

President Biya's Chief Scribe, Ferdiband Ngoh Ngoh signed a release on August 30, 2017, discontinuing legal hearings against scores of Southern Cameroons activists at the Yaounde military court and other courts.

For 10 months many Southern Cameroon activists were kidnapped and detained in Yaounde allegedly for terrorism and treason.

Many legal minds argued that there was no evidence supporting such charges.

After months of presenting people who barely hearkened to their fundamental rights enshrined in Cameroon's constitution and other international charters, Biya yielded to national and international pressure to unconditionally release all.

Questions are asked whether it is clemency or amnesty. Whatever! It is clear the State of Cameroun could not have its day in court against the accused.

Dozens of voices opposed to freedom and human rights have been heard congratulating Biya for his magnanimity releasing the activists.

We cannot just let a dictatorial regime walk away with such human rights abuses.

We cannot allow Biya and his gang walk away with such human frights abuses because it sets a terrible precedence and normalizes killing, rape, torture and gagging the wretched people of the earth.

It is unpardonable to rape young children, kill the youth and maim them. Whoever kills youths, kills the future; whoever rapes youths rapes the future and whoever maims the youth maims the future.

The monsters, all in their 80s could be heard saying their decision to discontinue hearings against the activists was to honour their own part of the bargain and Anglophone youths should be allowed to return to school.

It is a stitch too late as the whole fabric of the nation has collapsed. Even the Francophones are already positioning themselves, albeit, in cowardice to also taste from the Anglo filled chalice of freedom. Hopefully, their comfort, though slaves themselves, in the house of the master leaves them serene enough to decipher all the hallmarks of freedom.

Some of these frogs openly accuse their brothers of West Cameroon of trying to abandon them. If they could stand the hit of the kitchen, so let them be.

Many of these frogs came to West Cameroon brought by German evangelists and administrators or were forced in the 1950s when reprisals against UPC supporters erupted. They came to West Cameroon because they enjoyed our freedom and sense of autonomy. The the parents of Zackary Nkwo, Peter Esoka, Prof Victor Julius Ngoh, the Late Charles Nama and Michael Nama and John Lambo Ake all came to West Cameroon for freedom, justice and equal opportunities.

Because of these opportunities, Professor Peter Ntamark, Prof John Lambo, Prof Gottlieb Monekosso, Prof Victor Julius Ngoh and Martin Njeuma emerged. Left in their local Manguissa, Bassa and Mbouda, these icons of Cameroon would never have blossomed.

Today's generation of Anglophones simply wish to return to the ideal anglophone nation the parents of these ELEVENTH region citizens admired. Those who came from other regions certainly saw something good to cherish and live with. Instead of fearing the worst in our departure from the house of bondage, they should accompany us in reenacting that past.

Welcome freedom!!!
You cannot mend a fragile fabric. The thread you bring might be too strong for the decayed seams and would just rupture the whole fabric.

We have passed the clamour for federation for it is unworkable in a game where the rules keep changing and the goalpost is permanently shifted.

Only a master juggler can handle four constitutions at the same time. Cameroon is governed by four constitutions; the 1960 constitution of Cameroun; the 1961 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cameroon; the 1972 Unitary Constitution abrogated by Biya in 1984 and reverting to the 1960 Constitution; and the 1996 Constitution. All these constitutions are still referred to whenever it suits the Head of State.

West Cameroon has suspended its identity and aspirations for 56 years. That was suicide. We must resurrect!!!!!!

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