The World Awaits For Smart Nations

Feature Article The World Awaits For Smart Nations
AUG 30, 2017 LISTEN

The world has witnessed the performance of super power nations. Today, it’s the other way around. It is the small countries of the world. Who are the Micro-Power-Nations that will take care of super power countries and others? The question becomes, how this work and what really happens?

The Big Picture: So long the notion of shipping to few countries qualifies being global, exporters all over the world must now re-explore new untapped universe of 200 plus countries, studded with 10,000 cities and buzzing with 5 billion online connected inhabitants. The new global landscape has dramatically changed and exportability of goods and services with boundary less innovative entrepreneurial excellence is becoming a new phenomena. Why shouldn’t trading with 100 plus countries be the new standard…why shouldn’t creating global alliances spanning 200 cities be the new qualifiers …what are the key hurdles?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited amount of exports in so many vertical markets.

Fact: The well designed and high quality goods are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.

Fact: The well trained entrepreneurial talent of a country is capable of such tasks.

Quadrupling exports is far easier but getting rid of myopic thinking is very much harder.

Today’s revolutionary times demand revolutionary actions, future problems demand future tools and futuristic thinking, as tomorrow is already today, that we were unnecessarily worried about yesterday. It is time to either act now or simply become irrelevant.

The Pyramid
Roughly speaking, the global pyramid of human consumption clearly fills the top tip with one billion wealthy people, followed by 2 billion middle income and the base of some 3 billion poor. Simple math will point out that just the top and middle section alone creates huge potential markets. The exotic conveyer belts feeding the consumption of motivated buyers are no longer exclusive to handful deluxe countries but have rather become an intricate galaxy of smart high quality customer service driven 24-7-365 delivery platforms available to some 100 million awakening SMEs around the world.

The super expensive knowledge tools on how to operate globally once exclusively available to multi-billion dollar players on are now freely available in shoeboxes to smart thinking SME entrepreneurs. However, to understand deeply at emerging enterprise level specialized training and knowledge is required something that current university curriculums have not yet fathomed. The varying depths of such subjects are extremely exciting but require practical and pragmatic understanding something charts and theories in class-room cannot achieve. Deep dives are critically essential.

How organized and efficient is your business to cope with global age issues?

The Technocalamity Factor:
When the tsunami of free technologies makes organizations look increasingly outdated, the same tsunamis can quadruple exports, innovative excellence and catapult into image supremacy...this makes technocalamity a new global age phenomena.

The Population Factor:
Suddenly population-rich nations’ are getting an upper hand over population-poor but ‘knowledge based economies’ mainly Western economies. Easy and free technology in the hands of population rich nations is like gun powder creating explosions of nouveau entrepreneurialism. Every new idea deployed with every hand held mobile device is kindling grassroots fires of innovative excellence. The billion entrepreneurs from faraway lands are on the march. The old establishment can very easily get lost in this global rush.

The Language Factors:
Hundreds of millions the cart pushers and snake charmers of yester years are now suddenly trading their goods online, checking out global markets and talking to each other face to face on Skype. English is no longer a prerequisite as the online population is so large that each and every single language has its own critical mass. English is now about 27% of the language of global online community. Instant translations, and non-English websites complete with non-English domain names are adding billion additional non-English speaking online users. English language, overtime earned its global image supremacy as universal and business language…but in time may lose its edge to other major languages as ‘e-commerce language’

So where do nations stand? What do they offer so unique in innovative entrepreneurial excellence? Is it just cheap labor, global age knowledge, innovative excellence or armies of entrepreneurs with global age skills, all or neither? How do they communicate with the new world?

Smart Micro-Power Nations:
Super power economies are more aligned to attacking other economies. They feel this is a prime necessity for their own survival. While new emerging smart Micro Power Nations are upcoming hungry performers with very special skills and are willing and able to help any small or super power without threatening their base of power. They thrive in mutual collaborative synthesizim. These Micro-Power-Nations may deploy highly selective, well trained and extraordinary strengths and deliver surgical solutions to a mammoth nation and get mutually rewarded.

Such specialized capabilities will create universal borderless residencies, merit based immigration, global friendly fair trading, and unlimited human resources dependent technoclamity platforms for the new global age world. Not the armies invading, but armies of entrepreneurs landing in collaborative synthesizim to create massive local prosperity. Such advancement will impact thousands of cities and nations and will towards faster advancements. Technocalamity is silently creating some 100 plus such mighty Micro Power Nations; their sum total power will be far greater than any super power on the planet

No single country is exclusive.
No single country has exclusivity to all mankind.

No single nation has all the virtues.
No single nation has solution for all the other nations.

The diversity of mankind is hardwired to not to surrender to one single ideology or any one single culture or style.

Mankind is color-blind to race; deaf and mute to hate talk, open to all and demonstrate kindness to humanity. Mankind is also very resilient to adversity and strives for survival; the proof of its existence is not hidden in its stealth destructive capabilities, but rather centers on the constant nurturing of minds even under extreme tyranny and repression. The evolution of civilization, no matter how primitive in certain spots is still the solid proof of this steady process.

FACT: News: Seven new earth-sized planets have been discovered; if the human race is like a beetle and earth a ball of dung, we are right now spinning like a sand particle in universal dust; peaceful survival will be based on mental functionalities organized to cope with mankind’s advancements and never guided by those who seek and destroy missions.

Common sense issues…
America provides a land of millions of new opportunities.

India provides a land of millions of new entrepreneurs.

China provides a land of millions of amazing manufacturers.

Africa provides hidden resources and energized nations

Today’s world is already filled with billion plus highly talented people

When in time has there ever been such available talent possible?

It is time to create your own common sense realities, there are smart and Micro-Power Nations are helping the world to grow in harmony.

It’s time to win.
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