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Blacks: Stop your Racism against us White People!

Blacks: Stop your Racism against us White People!

2013, Greda Estate, Landlady said to my Ghanaian wife: “The rent is GHC 400 a months, but when now a White Man comes, it will be GHC 700.” We did not rent the house!

My wife has forbidden me to buy at any open market in Ghana as we will be always charged double. In Germany each item has a fixed price; regardless of colour, ethnicity, financial status, everyone pays that fixed price or leave it. No trader would ever jump to the conclusion, the buyer is Black, for that a poor man, so let us give him the tomatoes for a lesser price. He pays what is indicated, he gets it or not, simple as that.

When we need to rent a taxi, I constantly have to hide behind a house or bush as when I as a White Man talk to the Taxi driver, we have to pay double. Some Taxi Drivers get angry about my wife when they see that she is with a White Man feeling to be cheated by their sister asking for a higher than fixed price by getting angry about her. In Germany a Taxi has a Taximeter indicating the price of the ride. You pay no matter your intellectual or financial status, your colour or your religious believe…you pay or you stay at the road side, simple as that and straight forward. It feels very bad as a man to hide behind a bush while the wife is doing the fare negotiation, believe me as I know what we (my courages, beautiful, great and strong wife Alberta Mensah, an Ashanti from Kumasi with Relatives in Lome) are –sadly- are going through in Ghana each and every day.

When we need an Electrician, a Plumber, a Painter, why should I be asked by my wife to hide in the bedroom as when they see my skin colour, we will be charged double? Why should I have to hide myself from anybody but walk about Ghana as a free man not being discriminated by the Blacks simply because of my skin colour? Blacks assume all White People are rich, for that they can take chances, but in Hamburg 1000 people sleep rough on the streets, in London 3000 and in European cities, like in America as well, a great number of people live from Social Benefit or Unemployment support. All across Germany “Tafeln” are widely used, facilities that collect unused food items, cook them and offer a meal to the needy in our societies.

In Ghana Foreigners, targeted mainly against White People, must have a Non-Citizen Card, nothing but a money making machine. In Germany and EU countries Foreigners must have a valid passport and inside a visa/residence permit only! This card is obviously not achieving the objective to control and supervise the situation of foreign Nationals in the country as lamented over and over again by Ghanaian Politicians…but it still exist as a requirement to get residence status. Unlike threatened in the introduction campaign, Banks, Telecom providers, NHIS and others do not care about the card at all…only the passport!

Registrar General Department in Ghana is asking a black Ghanaian for GHC 800 when opening a Limited, a White Man has to pay GHC 12 500 while in Germany to establish an equivalent, GmbH, the registration fees are the same for all regardless of skin colour, money or believes. The Department argues, this is done because White People transfer their profit generated in Ghana back to their country and this is the only opportunity to benefit from them. Each year Ghanaians are sending USD 3 Billion back to Ghana to support their families, start building a house or future business. So, they do the same as we do but we do not financially punish them for that…so, come on brothers and sisters of another colour, and stop discriminating us with nonsense!

Ghana’s institutions and individuals discriminate us Whites; why should we have any interest to hear from Ghanaians the slogan ‘When you see a White Man in Church, you can go home as you have seen God’, when they do not understand the value of human beings as they are? My both immediate Parents died long time ago;, now I have only two black Parents in Kumasi and a black Spiritual Father, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi from Glorious Wave Church Int. Sakumono…so, what is all these nonsense here in Ghana (and Africa as a whole)?

A White Man with patience over time can easily find himself in the ‘pushed into situation’ to hate Blacks and become Racist against them for what they have done against him in the first place…but it should not be so! So, Blacks in Ghana, do not push us White People against the wall, we beg of you as people of the same human race.

This happens to White People all over Africa but Media Houses, local or foreign, do not pick up such stories and campaign the Blacks to end it like the many outcries of White People racism against Black People, it is fair and right? Certainly not. Wherever Racism is visible and hidden, whoever is doing it to the other race, must be educated to stop it. One sided campaigns cannot be taken serious anymore but the sad issue must be addressed from all angles to finally solve it. Therefore, not only Blacks have to speak out against Whites, but also Whites against Blacks on this matter as we are all one, God’s creation and he had not created races of colour, but humans of his believe.

NB: 1957 Ghana had a population of 5 Mio., today 27 Mio, representing a multiplication factor of 5,4 (27:5); using this for the next 60 years Ghana will grow to a population of 145,8 Mio. (60x5, 4), even more as good healthcare ensures longer life and more babies surviving to give birth themselves later in life. Nigeria, today 160 Mio. people, in 60 years will be close to 864 Mio. citizen (160x5, 4) as long as tradition, macho men and children are seen as part of social security that push the numbers upwards. Less prices for commodities, finished natural resources and climate change implications on food security having negative effects already today, and in the light that already now you cannot feed, shelter and cloth your own people out of your own strength and given blessings in abundance (by 2030 Germany will have 4 Mio. less Germans, we need Migrants to secure our economy and social system); Question: how do you want to feed all these people when you do not have the right relationship with White People as partners by your side telling you the truth about you straight into your face, but be nice to you in public only to gossip badly about you behind closed doors and you will never know nor hear, but their thoughts and subsequent actions will influence your future?

Blacks: you better change!
Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, [email protected] , 03.6.2017

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