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05.04.2017 Feature Article

Make  This Year Easter Accident Free

Make  This Year Easter Accident Free
LISTEN APR 5, 2017

Once again Christians all over the including Ghana will not be left out in the celebrations of such a religious festivity in celebrating Easter to mark the death and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.

The day is so unique to the Christian community in Ghana that it’s marked on the Ghanaian calendars as a public holiday to enable those with Christian faith to observe the day as such.

The history of Easter in Ghana has it that the people of Volta and and Eastern region are the most celebrants of the Christian festival with the Kwahu in the Eastern Region being the most popularly known celebrants. Though I’m yet to get the full explanation on whether Kwawus celebrate the festival from the traditional or the Christian view point i still think that Easter is worth celebrated.

No doubt that the introduction paragliding serving as a side attraction on the odwen Anoma Mountains has been attracting people from all walks of live to the area year after years.

This year, a lot of visitors are expected in the Kwahu Ridge including natives and aliens of that traditional area to celebrate Easter. Whilst others are moving there to do genuine business others will be there to make merry with no link to the essence of the Easter which is the observance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In fact the main reason why Christian will be trouping there may be compromised by the Youth that who may deviate from the intent and purpose the pump and pageantry will not be missed out.

With the Ministry of Tourism and its subsidiary Ghana tourist board and the KwAhu District Assemblies show of interest in the occasion, this year’s Easter celebration in kwahu will be heavily patronized.

This means that a lot of people with diverse background will be there. This therefore calls for the Ghana Police Service to step up their game to avert pick pocketing and petty crimes. They will be faced with the task of ensuring free flow of traffic from nkawkaw to the other towns and the environs.

It would be recalled that with the introduction of the paragliding by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourist Board on the Odwen Anoma led to the increase OF number of people patronizing Kwahu Easter.

obviously this call for proper plan of action by the Ghana police service to effectively use the MTTD to ensure security full observation of motor traffic flows and to manage general security of now, during, and after the Easter celebration. I know the police service have proved equal to the task in previous occasions so they will do same this year

It is at this point that I advise the general public to help the Police fight against the frightening statistics of road accident during the first quarter of the year 2017 claiming lives of hundreds of Ghanaians and maiming others rendering other disabled.

Fortunately the cause of this motor vehicle accident has been identified as human error driven, ranging from drunk driving, speeding, and general non observance of road traffic regulations among other things. This definitely means that the Police MTTD will have to enforce the road regulations to the, maximum.

I therefore entreat the general public to desist from the usual challenge they pose to Police when they stop to search vehicles of who i term ‘big commercial drivers’, ‘big men taxi drivers’ and ‘big men passengers’ who sometimes think they know more than the police because such an obstruction to the police work may not be needed in fighting road accident.

I beg this time round let’s cooperate with the police by allowing them to do their job and not consider their actions as a waste of time. if we are able to spend some minutes with the police when we are stopped on our way to Obo or Obomeng to either dance to ‘AdwOa Ataa Mame, song or to worship we will be saving precious lives as a sleeping driver will be waked after interacting with the police. in fact The drunk driver would be I identified and made not to drive ahead, other driver will get to know the presence of police ahead and reduce his Or her speed to avoid being couth over speeding by police on the road. Again drivers who over take unnecessarily will be cautioned. The end result of this will be accident free on our roads.

I therefor entreat stations officers of GPRTU, PROTOA and other transport union to check all vehicles at their lorry packs.

I believe when this is done we will together with the police prevent road accident in the country.

Fianko-okyere David
[email protected]

David Fianko-Okyere
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