An Open Letter To The President Of The Republic Of Ghana: Is Our Future Beyond The Horizon?

Feature Article An Open Letter To The President Of The Republic Of Ghana: Is Our Future Beyond The Horizon?

Dear Mr President, (His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo)

I am Kelly Michael Agbesi, a student activist in one of the enviable health training school (College of Health and Well-Being Kintampo, located at the center of mother Ghana).

I first of all congratulate you for emerging as the winner and president among the tall list of all the presidential candidates. I say Ayekooo! "Nana tirinkwa", " Nyame Ama", "Mawuto".

The hardworking of yours has achieved success. Where determination exists, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success. You have made it. The battle was truly the Lords'.

My School
College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo (formerly Kintampo Rural Health Training School) became fully established in 1969 by the Ministry of Health, Ghana. It has the mandate to turn out quality multi-purpose health personnel for the provision of quality health care throughout Ghana. So far, the College is the only of its kind in the

country. Our motto is ‘Educating For Service’ with a guiding principle of producing human resource capable of providing quality health service.

Are We Beyond The Horizon?
I honestly do not believe you are in any way not briefed about the problems facing our country especially health students even though you just assumed office as the president of the republic of Ghana. In fact, I am sure you are aware and of great concern of the issues more deeper than I do. I cannot provide you with any more better statistical information, nor can I provide insight on ways to create the economic stability our country so needs, but I do believe that I can provide you with the voices of all students who are directly experiencing the effects of our economy in respect to the skyrocketing values of health students sitting in their various houses since the past three years.

Mr. President, when I was a child I got to know that, "Education is the key to success..." and I still believe that it is so.

Just to get up early these days to realize "education is the key to success, politicians determined it".

Where is our fate?
I have seen majority of my schools' alumni roaming on the streets across the country yelling here and there due to the fact that they have gained quality education and training in healthcare delivery and service in the government instituted college and their future has to be determined by government.

In fact they have come to realize it was a "horizon". So as the continuing students are scared of. They do not know where the government will place their passion to serve this country with all their skills and knowledge. It is my deepest fear that some are even planning to join their parents in the market and farm after their graduation ceremony. With all the haematology, microbiology, chemical and histopathology, anatomy, biochemistry, epidemiology, nutrition, disease control, immunology, cold chain, and many more. Where are they tapping these knowledge? Please come to the rescue.

Let us know our paths before we get to the horizon.

Education and training has become something good beyond the horizon where we (health students) cannot predict that our job or employment is secured.

The whole ministry, both education and health has made us like a flip of coin: where our fate lies beneath the choice.

I know in life we must struggle but this is beyond the horizon. Things has fallen apart between us health students where the government cannot hold the center. This is why students express their voices in what I term: "Students VOICE".

Mr President, I wish I could ask you so many questions and requests but that will be done when you pay a courtesy visit to our ailing economy which is incapable of employing health students after national service due to day to day economic reforms and restructuring.

Mr. President, without any a "shilly-shallying", your government should come out with stringent measures against this roll calling of students locked up in their houses each blessed year.

It is my belief that my open letter to you will speaks to the mind and heart of almost all health students across the nooks and crannies of this our motherland Ghana, as we turn sixty and will also be treated very urgently to save us from all kinds of distresses.

Yours faithfully,
Kelly Michael Agbesi
(Student,College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo Brong Ahafo Region)

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024