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15.02.2017 Feature Article

Pen-armed Robbers Force Kids to Study in “KVIP-Toilet”

Pen-armed Robbers Force Kids to Study in “KVIP-Toilet”
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**Akadu N. Mensema is every suffering, marginalized, and benighted Ghanaian who is ardently looking for change and renewal in President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Bawumia's Ghana. Let us speak truth to the killers of our postcolonial aspirations, optimism, and progress. Truth is bitter, but heals!

“Pupils of Drobo-East Demonstration Primary and Junior High School in the Jaman South District in the Brong-Ahafo are forced to study in an abandoned toilet building. This, according to Henry Afful, the assembly man for the area is due to lack of classroom blocks for the pupils. In an interview with Adom News, he indicated that petitions written to the former District Chief Executive about the issue proved futile. 'The school operates on a KVIP. The population is much higher than the other neighboring schools. I have talked to the DCE several times, but no one pays mind to that. Some of the students stay outside to learn,' he said. The headmaster of Demonstration Primary and JHS, Emmanuel Kyereh who confirmed the incident to Adom News said the toilet facility was built in the 1960's for Drobo Senior High School has been turned into classrooms for the pupils to ease congestion” (Ghanaweb February 13, 2017)

The pen-armed robbers
The killers of our postcolonial dreams
Postcolonial aspirations
Postcolonial progress
The pen-armed robbers
Educated thieves
Wield pen at thievery negotiations
Steal by wielding their signatures
Steal by shaking hands after wielding pens

The killers of children's dreams
Schools under trees where rainfall is a holiday
Dilapidated collapsing school kill students
KVIP-premise schools with ignoble self-esteem

Yes, they pivoted pillaging
Yes they pivoted corruption
Yes, they pivoted theft
Yes they pivoted graft
Yes, they pivoted SAD SADA
Ah! The petal of the Better Ghana Agenda

TEACHER: Where are you pupils in “Better Ghana Agenda”
PUPILS: KVIP-holdings aka Toilet
TEACHER: Why is that
PUPILS: Ministers, MPs, DCEs, Chiefs, and Council of State care about cars
TEACHER: Did you pass gas like KVIP
PUPILS: What is passing gas
TEACHER: Hm! Letting out bad air
PUPILS: No, teacher it is the KVIP air
TEACHER: But it is only a KVIP building
PUPILS: It is still a KVIP-toilet facility

The pen-armed robbers
Educated thieves
Posing as bureaucrats
Posing as public servants
Posing as civil servants
Stealers who poise pens as weapons
Gilded pens as weapons

Despicable Vultures
Bloody-beak vultures
Bloody beaks and claws
Slick stealers
The love cars
They love KFC
They love university “girls”
They love designer clothes
They love to pay fat tithes in Church
Despicable Vultures
With bloody beaks and claws

Stealers who poise pens as weapons
Gilded pens as weapons
Stealers who poise pens as weapons
To kill schools
To kill roads
To kill hospitals
To kill water supply
To kill electricity
To kill local industries
To kill farming
To kill environment
They screamed and foamed
Better Ghana Agenda
Vultures feeding on Ghanaian carcasses
Vultures that value car more than rural education
Vultures whose kids are schooling in boarding overseas
Vultures whose kids attend the best schools in Ghana
Protocol vultures
Vultures who have access for protocol admissions
Protocol admissions for their children
Yes, they have it all
Protocol admission into PRESEC
Protocol admission into Wesley Girls
Protocol admission into Mfantsipim
Protocol admission into Prempeh
Protocol admission into Aburi Girls
Protocol admission into Achimota
Protocol preening bloody vultures

The vultures
The pen-armed robbers send their wards to boarding schools overseas

Pen-armed robbers
Educated thieves
Sadly the bloody vultures
The stealers
The pen-armed robbers
Schools under trees
Schools in KVIP-holdings
Schools under trees where rainfall is a holiday
Dilapidated collapsing school kill students
KVIP-premise schools with ignoble self-esteem

*Akadu N. Mensema
[email protected]

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