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Open Letter: Coalition Of Youth Against Propaganda Writes To The President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-addo


Mr. President, you are welcome from your trip to Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia where you attended the ordinary session of Assembly of the African Union (AU). Your presentation at the Summit was excellent. You gave a mouthful. The nation is proud to have you as President.

Mr. President, the Coalition of Youth Against Propaganda (CYAP) is one of the several volunteer groups affiliated to the NPP which played vital role to get the party elected into office.

His Excellency, literally, it is said in our local parlance that, a contractor does not know his road is not straight until he or she is told, therefore synonymously you could be likened to that contractor. You need us to remind you when you are getting something wrong.

Mr. President, it is important that your attention is drawn to some sad events which occurred in 2008 when the New Patriotic Party lost power to the National Democratic Congress. It is an open secret that, members of our party who were employed on the very social intervention programmes we initiated were dismissed without remorse by the National Democratic Congress. Hence replicating same will not be a bad idea.

To cite further example, Ghanaians who were employed into the civil and public services, but were suspected to have affiliation with our party were equally transferred, dismissed and unfairly treated the same year we lost the election.

Mr. President, you may recall that there were reported cases of our women who had the opportunity to gain contract on the school feeding programme which is under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, had their contracts revoked or abrogated by the erstwhile administration of the National Democratic Congress in 2008. These women who worked as caterers of the school feeding programme made livelihood and become bread winners, but were denied the opportunity to continue their source of livelihood to feed their dependants and family. Some of these women died out of shock. What is more painful than this? Certainly there is nothing.

Mr. President, there were so many bitter experiences the then ruling NDC took our party members through eight

(8) years ago. The NDC took seizure of everything that belongs to the state which had our party members working there. They have no basis to cry foul that, they are being dismissed from public offices simply because they lack the moral good will and justification.

Your Excellency, you are very much aware that, the volunteer groups campaigned immensely for our great party across the length and breadth of the country which led to the historic victory of our party, therefore the members of the volunteer groups are in much anticipation that they will get jobs to do in the NPP administration lead by you. Their efforts as volunteers cannot be under estimated.

Mr. President, there is a saying that charity begins at home, therefore you are to ensure that policies that will create more jobs for these volunteers are enrolled as soon as possible. The existing jobs which are congested by known faces who are NDC members need to be told in the face to move out to allow volunteers to occupy such jobs.

When we allow members of the NDC to continue to occupy such positions which were once occupied by our party faithfuls, but for the sake of politics they were dismissed by the NDC, they will continue to sabotage your administration particularly as our party plan to win the 2020 election beginning from this year by delivering on our key promises.

Mr. President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, our humble appeal to you and the party hierarchy is that the decision to allow the NDC members to work on the very social intervention programme we initiated and other key government sectors should be reconsider to build confidence in our volunteers and Ghanaians as a whole. This will prevent NDC members from impeding our progress.

Finally, Mr. President, the volunteers, party members, sympathisers and supporters expect jobs from you as soon as possible. This should be given the needed attention to prevent any possible attacks on your government.

Thank you.
Signed on behalf of the group by:
T.D (Convener)

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