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Opinion | May 3, 2016

Dr. Bawumia Goofed

By Pharuk FK
Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Ghana for sometime now have enjoyed a very stable atmosphere with people of diiferent political persuations, religious and tribal orientations collaborating on several spheres of life for the advancement of their interest, it is therefore not a mere coincidence that we chirstians marrying Muslims, Traditiinalist bearing kids with christians, Akans collaborating with Dagbambas on economic grounds, the vice versa in all these instaces hold, this singular sence of concinnity has to a large extent enhanced the image of the country in the eyes of the international community.

The love and respect which our presidents are accorded when they meet their colleague presidents accross the continent and the globe is glaringly admirable and can't be belaboured.

Unfortunately, the peace and security of mother Ghana of late is constatly under threat of been traded for power by selfish seeking politicians who by virtue of their obssesion for power think their dreams of winning power is more important than the lives of the very people they intend ruling.

Politics as we have learnt from the 'prophets' of democracy is supposed to be a contestation of ideas on how each party seeks to better the lives of the people based on which the electorates are expected to choose one over the other, it's therefore worrying and unfortunate that politicians in our part of the world will be prosecuting their political crusades on divisionary lines at the expense of one based on ideas.

The recent call by the running mate of the NPP, Dr. Bawumia on Muslims to vote for the Nana Addo ticket because according to him, 'the cuurent government does not reflect the true representation of Ghanaians' is just irresponsible, repugnant, stinky, villanous and of course an extremist minded one deliberately ochestrated to incite one religion against another. It's unfortunate that the much touted 'economic guru' would at this crucial moment in the political history go on this demonic tangent knowing the security implications it poses on the lives of innocent Ghanains.

The statistical evidence of how most beautiful nations disastrously went down this demonic path should counsel people like Dr. Bawumia just in case our very societal norms fail to do so, the current insurgency in neighbouring Nigeria should have served as enough a lesson to Bawumia, that feeling of one group been suppressed and cheated by another group is the cause of the major repisal attacks that the world is experiencing today and Ghana can't afford to be greeted with such evil.

I'm a devout practicing muslim from a very Islamic favored family, I have lived under the rulership of all the presidents of Ghana in the fourth republic, I have witnessed various interventions by these different political administration and can state without any iota of contradiction that muslims don't need a muslim president or vice president to advance their interest. Reliable facts sheds light on how the office of the chief Imam came to being, it was established under the leadership of then president Jerry John Rawlings with a vice who were both of Christian faith, also,the declaration of the two most prestigious Islamic festivals (Eidul Fitr & Eidul Adha) as holidays came under same Rawlings regime.

Interestingly, the most sloppy and inhuman organisation of Hajj pilgrimage was experienced under the Kuffuor regime which had a muslim vice president (the late Alhaji Ali Mahama, RIP), compare that to the the proffessional organisation of pilgrimage under the John Mahama administration and you would be deprived of any logical conclusion than to overwhelmingly support the position that Muslims necessarily don't need a muslim president or vice president to better their lives.

Well, I'm not much suprise about the harum-scarum conduct by Dr. Bawumia because I simply see that as a spill over of the character of his boss, Nana Addo and the NPP, who have prestigiously earned the patent rights of continuously prosecuting their political campaign on such divisive lines.

I herein, call on the office of the chief Imam, Christian Counsel, peace counsel, political parties and all religious groupings in the country to condemn this nefariously crafted propaganda by Dr. Bawumia and his charges, our collective strength is a reflection of the beauty in our diveristy.


Ghana first
(Pharuk FK, 2016)

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