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The Political Deadgoatism Must Stop, The Politician Must Listen!!

The Political Deadgoatism Must Stop, The Politician Must Listen!!
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The politician is one of the strangest creature you will ever come across and one of his characteristics is that when he is in opposition he listens to everyone but when he gains power he develops a dead goat syndrome which I have termed POLITICAL DEADGOATISM the interesting part is that they make all the promises and the only thing we do is to ask them how far when they come into power. When am in the house with my father and my I request is always not being met I could pardon him because he might not have the solutions simply because he might lacks the resources but for the politician I would say it could be deliberate.

I have two issues bordering my head that concerns our existence as human beings ie the drivers and doctors situation I know lots of people try to stay away from politics likewise myself but the painful truth is that any good or useless decision they make affects us directly or indirectly. As am not preview to all the facts I shall only speak from my ignorant point of view. One annoying thing I have realized is that all the strikes that happens in this country are envisaged yet those responsible for those sectors sit down for it to happen, then comes the chaos, then the police comes in fully armed and makes arrest and release them because they can't keep them.

Why do we always have to sit down for things to happen before reacting are we running a knee jerk system. Now with the drivers, we are being told that their road worthy certificate that they didn't manufacture are fake and that over 20 cars are arrested and released on daily basis does it not tell us that something is fundamentally wrong with the system since that wasn't happening in the past, don't we need to check from the source and also eliminate the goro boys and who even said their CARS are ROAD WORTHY how can it be when the ROADS itself are not WORTHY just try using the license road in tema to go and register your car and you would see how useless that road is.

Secondly the drivers are being asked to write exams before acquiring a license in fact it's a laudable idea but then what it means is that we won't have anyone driving our trotros. Please tell me how many people will finish the polytechnic and go for a license to go drive trotro, if any then a handful. The reality is that most of them are those who were not able to afford education and let's not behave as if our statistics as a nation doesn't show illiteracy rate. If the MP does not need education but only popularity to be in parliament and can't speak simple english why should he intend pass a law telling his coequal drivers to become computer literates before driving a car.

The system like JM de Voice said ITS SO CRAZY. Now the doctors have been going on strike and returning everytime over just ONE issue ie CONDITION OF SERVICE and instead of cool heads prevailing they are sometimes insulted as if they have no brains can you tell me that someone with a doctorate degree has no brains?

Now they have finally given an ultimatum to RESIGN their post after the 30th of June 2015 and please note that the key word is not to go on STRIKE but RESIGN mark in on the wall like we say it here that those responsible will sit aloft and wait for them to RESIGN then people will start dying then the chaos will start again before they will wake up from their sleep and begin to find solutions if they have any and that's my problem. We as citizens have a role to play but we behave as if our power is only on Election Day the truth is we have the power everyday we just refuse to use it.

The way I see thing I sometimes want to believe that our politicians don't care and that all they need is to milk us so that even when they loose their elections or whatever they can enjoy that questionable wealth with their families in abroad from their Swiss accounts. If we refuse to speak and act as citizens we will all die when we get sick since there will be no doctors to take care of us. I leave you with the song that says s3 mehy3 mabrabo yi mua, anhya mi yarea mewo.

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