Sat, 31 Jan 2015 Feature Article

Can you spot the mistake in Ghana’s National Anthem?

Can you spot the mistake in Ghanas National Anthem?

Ghana, as the first country in Africa being freed from their British Colonial Masters, needed symbols to demonstrate their new pride of ruling over themselves.

In the hast of becoming a Republic of their own it seems the Author and responsible decision makers of the Ghana National Anthem did not take the time to think well and an important, as well as significant mistake, is up until now sung by all Citizens of the country. Can YOU spot it ?

Surely every Citizen of any Nation is supposed to be proud of its country and praise the achievements made in the past, present and be conducted in the future. It is a reflection of culture, politics and confusion to be communicated inside and outside the country among many nations being part of a Global Village. Therefore it would have been beneficial to the good people of Ghana if the Author of their National Anthem would have taken more care in composing the words to give a more accurate account of the country and its people.

Being a pre-dominant Christian country there was the strong feeling and need to include God's name and power also in the National Anthem. Every Christian knows God in the Trinity of himself, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is the foundation of human existence and life.

God is a power, a spirit, having created Adam and Eve to dominate the world on his behalf and create a paradise out of it in always greater perfection by labouring each and every day. God being a spirit has given Adam and Eva a body and brain to use in order to fulfill their destiny and fate on earth. Even being equipped with their own will and decision making process, God is still in control of his earth finding ways to correct wrong behavior and decisions of his Creations, us Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

Therefore he is giving certain gifted people a call to be the inventor of the first car (Gottfried Benz), the Jeans we wear everyday (Levis Strauss), the fridge we use to keep our food preserved for long (Linde), even to overcome gravity and land on the moon (Wernher von Braun) in modern rockets.

God has never ever in his entire existence build a house, a container, baked a bread, made wine or fruit juice, designed a computer or invented the lightbulb to read our Bible late at nights.

So, how does it come that Ghana's National Anthem is asking God to make the Nation rich and strong while he cannot do that, only Humans can make themselves rich and strong. Humans can ask God for inspirations, wisdom, strength to avoid mistakes and power to overcome challenges. God created Humans to do the job of inhabiting the earth and improve on the given situation to reach perfection specially after having eaten from the forbidden fruit.

As Africans have the mentality not to care for their own countries, only to ensure their personal safety and wellbeing, it is no wonder that they rely on God to make them rich and strong.

God can and will only do what he is supposed to do. He looks down from heaven watching over his people in various countries and makes corrections when and where needed. He is there to expect from Ghanaians, and for that matter Africans at large, to do their part of the deal between him and us on earth.

We humans only can make ourselves rich and strong by having the right mentality which leads to know-how, the basis for wisdom and ultimately richness is in our hands that surrounds us each and every moment. Once our brains and hearts are full of richness, poverty is no more. Richness is very fruitful as we can see these days by observing the fact that the rich people get richer consistently as 1% of them earn 50% of what the poorest people have.

The road is clear and open for everyone to use to become rich and strong. Do not even think of asking God for it, but take your destiny into your own hands by empowering yourself inspired and guided by God as richness comes in many different forms. Once developed, it will stimulate others to rise up to the occasion and possibilities in life to make the most out of their short life on our blue planet. The moment Ghana will correct its mistake in the National Anthem, this will be a glorious day for its citizen and the starting point of the Paradise to live in, God had created this country in the first place to be.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Estate, Block D 10, No. 9, Tema West, Ghana, [email protected], phone +233 (0)265078287, 31.012015