Re: Ghanaians Are Losing Their Moral Values—Mahama

Feature Article Re: Ghanaians Are Losing Their Moral Values—Mahama
DEC 8, 2014 LISTEN

I certainly must congratulate you Mr. President on purchasing a mirror and actually using it and therefore finding, albeit belatedly, that [some] Ghanaians are losing their moral values.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, mirrors as you must know only reflect what is put before them. It does not reflect the cause(s) of the images it shows.

It is therefore my painful duty Mr. President, as a faithful citizen of the land and above all a human being of sound judgment and honest conscience, to remind you of your contribution to the assault on our national moral values and the moral decadence in society which you now purport to hate.

No other President throughout our history as a nation, no one single person Sir, has so damaged our national morals and principles as you have done.

Mr. President, it was you with the help of some four or five other people -depending on how one looks at it -who legitimatized on the 29th day of August,2013 the doctrine of 'the ends justifies the means'.

It is this doctrine, this most despicable example set by no other person than the person who now bears the honor of being the First gentleman of the land, that has come to justify not just electoral rigging but also all other forms of corruption.

And that is why your administration has been plagued by scandals, scandals which you have failed to address and sometimes insulted the intelligence of Ghanaians by rationalizing and defending.

Your entire Presidency Sir, is structured on an act of patent immorality, a stealing of the people's mandate. Do you not see Sir how that erodes the very principles upon which our nation is morally constructed?

Do you pretend, Your Excellency, that when a man steals an election he is furthering freedom or justice or enhancing probity or accountability?

Mr. President when people look at you what they see is a man with very little moral authority to preach on anything. They see the irony when you speak about corruption or morals.

There is no example of yours, respectfully Sir, on the issues of morals worth following. So there should be no wonder as to why the floodgates of immorality have been so wide opened under your watch.

So please Mr. President, spare us the moral pontificating because lack what it takes to preach to us. You have no moral authority!

With Righteous Anger,
Kofi Opare Hagan.