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Regular readers or followers of this column have definitely noticed a trend in the topics I have dealt with over the years in my writings, even before I started this column about two years ago. This is my focus on the constant attempts by the Devil or Satan to negatively control and influence the lives of those who steadfastly refuse to serve it or be influenced by its antics. It follows then that if you are a child of God and worship Him in Truth and in Spirit as our Lord Jesus Christ admonished us, you will be assailed by the Devil. You will be constantly attacked and mocked. Yes, mocked, since the Devil revels in its own “power” until it is checkmated. Mind you, the Devil rarely reveals itself, or in its truly evil form, to its victims. The Word of Life, the Holy Bible disclosed that Satan, the archenemy of God and man-you and I-do manifest numerous times as an angel of light to deceive the unwary. (“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light”- 2 Corinthians 11: 14). As the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty uses His angels, the devil also has its own agents. In our natural world, these agents of the Devil manifest themselves as “fellow human beings.” They have legs, eyes, arms, ears, noses, mouths and what-have-you just like other normal persons. But the “human beings” that have given their lives to serving the Devil are no ordinary humans. Not by any stretch of the imagination. These are “human beings” that can be men and women but are not ordinary men and women. They have eyes that see through other people's eyes. They have hands that feel other people's body parts, including their most private parts, if you know what I mean! They have brains that know exactly what others have in their brains: their most private thoughts, pictures and recollections of those other person's most personal moments, etc. Even worse, such humans who are really agents of the Devil have ears that hear what others hear, even if such persons are hundreds or thousands of miles away from them. Before you accuse me of deliberately overrating the “powers” or antics of agents of the Devil in our midst, let me quickly make you aware of a correspondence I recently received from someone I know and who I consider a friend. First, let me implore (even beg) you to suspend disbelief as you read his piece that I have re-produced in full below. However impossible to believe as the piece might sound, please tell yourself that this person is NOT “mad” and that you will believe what he has written. That is how much I trust this person's sanity and the veracity of what he says, even though there might be no scientific standards of “veracity” at this time (I emphasize “at this time”) to say he is absolutely right---or out of his mind (And I will never believe the latter for a second, since this is what those who have done/are doing what he is recounting need to get away with their CRIMINAL atrocities against their victims). I should also quickly add, as an example, that for those of you readers of this column who are Yoruba from South-West Nigeria, like I am, you probably do not realize that there are certain implications to this expression (more or less a threat) that you have probably heard for years and thought nothing about: “Ma fi oju e ri nkan…” Bear the possible implications of that expression in mind when you read certain aspects of what my friend has to say below. Simply put, the expression means a threat to suffer and inflict pain or misery on another person. Let me also mention some things about this person. He is an American citizen who immigrated to the United States almost two decades ago. He lives here in the US with his wife and children. He is very well-educated and belongs to a profession. That is all I will say about this person for now, for reasons that will become obvious in his correspondence to me which I have reproduced in full below. I have a feeling publication of this story will not end here, on this website. I am more than convinced the Nigerian media (if not the world media) will jump all over it, and as soon as possible. For good reason too, but I crave your indulgence to reproduce the correspondence fully below:-Please Read on:

My Dear Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo,

I hope you and yours are fine. I write to follow-up on the discussions we have had on this issue. As I have said on those occasions, you just won't believe what I've been going through this past year. Sometimes I tell myself I've finally “cracked” under the pressures of life in the US, both as a family man and as a professional engaged in the daily struggle of earning a living and providing for self and family. But the more I think along that line, the more I am convinced the Devil is just trying to use me against…MYSELF. Imagine that! God forbid that, I pray. I know what I will describe below is not a “case” of someone who needs to “go see a psychiatrist” or “get checked out,” as most people here in the US or even Nigeria will be inclined to say. I strongly believe that those who inflict on others what I describe below do so precisely because the victim's story sounds so incredible and unbelievable that most people (who have no idea such experiences or things exist) easily laugh them off and describe the victim as “mad.” I used to react the same way, until “my eyes became open,” in more ways than one (please read some of my experiences below for the obvious pun). I've spent more than four decades on this earth and I've never smoked a cigarette, not to talk of any other drug. I don't drink alcohol of any kind and never have. I have no history of madness in my family, both on the mother's and father's sides. More importantly, at least for many times within the past ten months since I first noticed this (I say that because what I will be describing below might have been going on long before I noticed them) some of the people behind this experience or “phenomenon”---or at least those among them who are aware of it and also have physical access to me---have “shown” themselves to me at various times. This means I have names and pictures of fellow “human beings” to attach to the experiences I will soon describe in detail. Some of them are white. Some are black (a mixture of blacks native to the US and those who came here as immigrants, such as Ethiopians, Somalis, etc.) Some are Latino. Some were evidently born in Nigeria before they came to the US because they have accents that indicate such and also speak various Nigerian languages (Igbo, Yoruba, etc.) But even the ones that are whites and were evidently born in the United States and have lived their whole lives here always appear to know what I think, even though I make such thoughts in my head in my native Yoruba language of Nigeria! And they let me know that immediately! How they do that is described in more detail below. Let me start from the beginning. In February last year (2013), I was employed on an assignment that only those in my profession can participate in, given the licensure requirements prior to participating in such assignments. What is common about such things is that many of us participating in them are usually in a room at the same time; sometimes in cubicles with a computer terminal to do our work; sometimes not. That means we sit at a long desk, with each person sitting before a computer terminal, where he or she does his/her work. There might be from 4 to a hundred persons in the room at the same time. Such work could also sometimes take 8, 9 or 10 hours a day. The assignments are also temporary, often lasting from a week, months or even a year in duration. Many of those in my profession who participate in such assignments often do so to supplement their incomes, since they usually have other things they do as professionals who practice in that vocation. This nightmare I am about to describe in disturbing details started when, one day, I fortuitously observed an insinuation from one of the “colleagues” on that particular assignment, which implied that this person knew exactly what was going on in my home, where I lived with my wife and children. Since the “insinuation” came from the other side of the cubicle where I sat in the room during that particular assignment, I couldn't readily identify the individual. But I was keen to do so. Over the course of months, I observed or “interpreted” many such insinuations that made me fervently believe someone had “planted” a “recorder” that told them exactly what happened in my house: what conversations I had with my wife and with my children; how I interacted with people that came into the house and lived there at particular times, and other such information that only someone who lived there with me could know. Naturally, I always told my wife about my observations and concerns about this; but, as was to be expected, she always dismissed those with a wave of the hand. She felt I was just imagining things; that I was probably “paranoid.” I always asked her “About what”? Still, I was worried and actually thought on numerous occasions of calling the authorities where I live (d) in the US about someone electronically “bugging” my home illegally. Then, after the end of that particular assignment, I took another one, in Washington, DC. Yes, DC, the political and administrative capital of what is often described as the most relevant nation on earth, the only remaining “superpower” and---wait for this---“God's Own Country.” In fact, I had participated in such assignments in DC for quite some years. In addition, before I went to DC for those temporary assignments, I would usually go to certain websites to find rooms or basement apartments to rent in houses located in the suburbs close to DC, such as in northern Virginia or Maryland. Other times, I stayed in hotels, especially the Extended Stay brand of hotels. In June 2013, I decided to go on online again to find a room to rent, since these were always more reasonably priced than a hotel room/suite. This time, I responded to an ad placed by a woman; the house was located in Falls Church, Virginia, a city regarded as one of the numerous suburbs of Washington, DC, just as those located in the nearby state of Maryland. I lived in that house from Tuesday, August 6th to Friday, August 23rd, 2013, when I left (or had to leave!) I rented a room in the basement of the house, which had two other rooms occupied by two other men, both well into their fifties (I was told one of them was a “former General” in one of the US armed services, and I'll be discussing him soon), with a large living room area. Prior to my leaving the house, I learnt the gentleman who was a “former General” also worked with one of the biggest companies in the US wireless communications industry, much like MTN and Glo in Nigeria. One other thing that stood out for me in that house regarding the man described as a “former General” was he appeared to take what could be described as an “unusual interest” in me (to state it quite diplomatically), right from the time I started living in the house. It didn't help that we also had to share a common bathroom.

I find nothing wrong with someone reaching out to be friendly with a new occupant of a room in a house, especially in an area where one intends to live only temporarily. But the “former general,” whose name I never bothered to get, was just “too friendly.” When he noticed I preferred to ignore him and his overtures, he increasingly started to “sulk.” He also seemed interested in 'phone conversations I had with my wife and children, especially when I was having such calls in the common living area in which the fridge was located and where I had to get something---and where the “former general” just always happened to be “by coincidence” whenever I made such calls. Just a week after I started to live in the house (and putting up with the “former general's” antics), around August 13/14 2013, I noticed that a rumor was being circulated about me at the location where I worked on the assignment. As is always the case, numerous other persons who belonged to my profession also worked on the assignment at the same time. The rumors were about a conversation I had had with my wife---in the room I had rented. While the substance of the rumors was blatantly false and mischievous, I quickly deduced that the said conversation was monitored or hacked into (or so I thought) in the room I had rented, in the same house I shared with the “former general.” For a few days, I fumed within myself that, somehow, someone had got access to my wireless service, hacked into my calls and was spreading the contents of a call with members of my family. Then things got worse, and I soon came to a realization that quickly turned my world upside down (hopefully not for the long haul).

As I indicated, I worked in Washington, DC, on a large assignment that had a number of persons who also belonged to my profession, and were from a number of races and ethnic backgrounds: blacks, whites, those of African (especially Nigerian) origin and others. But for some reason, the rumor/insinuation I referred to above persisted within the assignment space: about a conversation I had with my family member on a particular day. Then I soon realized it was much more serious and horrific than a mere 'phone being hacked: I suddenly realized that my mind (YES, MY MIND AND THOUGHTS) had somehow been “hacked” (however that could be possible; even I, the ostensible victim, still can't believe it) and that my EXACT THOUGHTS (INCLUDING PICTURES OF PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS IN MY MIND AND OBJECTS I NEVER EVEN VOICED OUT) WERE KNOWN TO CERTAIN PERSONS WHO SAT AROUND ME RIGHT THERE IN THE VERY LARGE ROOM WHERE THE ASSIGNMENT WAS TAKING PLACE. Please believe me: it took place (and still takes place) right there in the heart (no pun intended) of Washington, DC, the capital of the only superpower country in the world!

Yes, people on the assignment with me, who belonged to this same noble profession as I did, could read my thoughts, exactly as and when I formed them! They could even complete my thoughts as these came into my head/mind!! It got more interesting. When I went out onto the street where the assignment was taking place, in order to make certain (understandably) frantic 'phone calls to very close friends and my wife, I noticed that every thought I formed in my head to speak as a sentence had become an echo that even I could hear, especially when they were formed as sentences that came out of my lips. It did not matter if such words were in English or the Yoruba language of South West Nigeria that I speak fluently, and which I also frequently communicate in. Once again, the location was/is Washington, DC, capital of the United States of America!!! I know the natural question from anyone reading this will be: “Why you?” Or, as we usually say in Nigeria, “Who did you wrong?” I really don't have any credible answer to those questions, or any other such posers anyone reading this piece might have. I also suspect that by the time such persons read more on what I have to say/write about this matter, similar questions will come in torrents. But this much I can say: those I STRONGLY suspect are behind this, or are at the least aware of those behind it and actively conspire with and collaborate with them in ensuring the criminality is sustained (yes, it is a CRIMINAL activity, as I will explain in more detail below) are homosexuals (gay or bisexual persons). These also include people who I know are sympathetic to the cause or activities of such persons. For the avoidance of doubt, let me dwell in some detail on the specific manifestations of the attacks and crass violations of my personal space, being and person that I have suffered at the hands of these “persons.” TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK

Please follow up with this column next week to read the conclusion of this great letter that my friend sent to me. In my co-authored book: “The Kingdom of Satan Exposed,” we explained some of the mechanisms through which Satanists operate in the world today. What this friend has just described in the letter above is a demonic operation in practical absolute terms. When I disclosed earlier in the last three articles in this column of the Satanic operation of my elder brother, Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo and the various concatenation of events that led to the gruesome murder of my friend and attorney, Barrister Kunle Fadipe in Nigeria last month, spiritual ignoramuses would dismiss such events as impossible. But the writer of the missive above is not “seeing stars” or “imaging things” but real events. As Apostle Paul disclosed in Ephesians 5: 11-12: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” Satanists like Tayo Fayemiwo and those this friend described in the letter above project alluring face and innocent appearances, they go to church and are even made deacons and church elders but beyond the façade, they are ravenous wolves. I will reserve more of my comments till next week after the conclusion of the private correspondence.

Dear Dr. Fayemiwo. How are you doing Sir? I hope everything is well with you?

I read your article concerning your late fathers' property and the demise of your attorney in Nigeria. You also said that you suspected one of your step-siblings. I come from a polygamous house like you, but our father's property did not lead to the death of anyone. In our case, our oldest brother, who happens to be a lawyer, did the best thing after our father passed. All my father's clothing were given to our uncles. His farms, because he was a farmer, were turned over to share croppers who are still bringing our share of the crops to our family up till today. My father passed in 1986. The family's house was refurbished and the rooms were shared among the wives. There is no cause for us to fight. My advice is that you should take the prophetic warning you have been given and go your way before someone else loses his/her life. I don't know how large your fathers' estate is but remember that the Lord God Almighty has blessed you abundantly, and you should steer clear of things that will deprive your immediate family the presence, love, assistance and guidance of their loved one. Good luck Sir, Most Sincerely. ---Mr. Dauda Ishola-Gbenla(One of the Sons of the Adegbenla Family of Ibadan), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Thank you very much, Mr. Ishola-Gbenla for your letter. Many people have sent similar email to me as yours and those who know me have called on the phone to express similar sentiments. I listened to their views on this matter and I have come to the reasonable conclusion that there is nothing any other human being can do to me without the express permission of the True Lord God Almighty Who created me. First and foremost, I want you to know that there are some fights that are good fights which are called “fights of good faith” in the Awesome Power of our Lord God Almighty. I thank God for the matured and transparent manner your eldest son handled the properties of your deceased father. The issue of the property of my deceased father I am talking about is unfortunate. The man who built the house-my late father-didn't spend a night in that house before he died which is a pity and very unfortunate. You're right when you said the Lord God Almighty has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and I have no cause to bicker over my father's property. That I agree with you and I thank the Lord God Almighty Father, the King of kings, the Lord of lords Who have brought me to this enviable level in my life. I know that without Him, I will not be where I am today and He has just begun His wonderful works in my life. So what it is all this about? Simple; it's all about principle. Second, let me give you a recent example. When I was in Nigeria in the '90s as a journalist and I was part of the prodemocracy and antimilitary vanguard that confronted the Abacha military dictatorship, similar sentiments by men and women of little minds were openly expressed. “Why are you fighting and making trouble?” we were asked. “Nobody can change Nigeria. Do not let them kill you.” “After all, you too can join the system and profit by and from it.” “They'll just kill you and your family will suffer.” “Why do you want to die?” The list of such self-defeatist bugaboos inundated us but alas we triumphed and where is Sani Abacha today? He's gone! The Lord knew our cause was right and just; we called on Him and He stretched out His Saving Hands and killed the evil general. Today, we that put our lives on the line in Nigeria in those risky and giddy eras are still around celebrating the triumph of Good over Evil. If those of us in the barricades in those unsettling years had capitulated and listened to those little minds discouraging us not to do anything as Sani Abacha was rampaging the land and decimating everything and every vocal and contrary views, perhaps, the military cretin would still be around now. There is something fundamentally wrong with Nigerians and most black people. When we see oppression starring us in the face, when we see naked injustice being committed, and wrong being blatantly perpetrated, we groan and complain but we do not want to lift a finger. We want the other person to do something about it except us. That is why Nigeria is completely messed up today and it will continue to deteriorate as long as no one is ready to sacrifice. Every problem in Nigeria must be solved by God. There is no electricity, Nigerians will wring their hands in despair: “God will help us oo!” The roads and highways are death-traps, corruption, and embezzlement of public funds, thievery and impunity writ large; maladministration, malfeasances and miss-governance have become our pathetic lots and nothing seems to be working in a discombobulated and chaotically-organized nation, but all we hear from poor Nigerians is: “God will help us oo! They have forgotten that if you pray 24 hours from here till eternity and you do not go to work as a people to fix your roads and highways, the True Lord God Almighty will not send angels to repair your roads. The spiritually blind and dimwitted fellows in Nigeria who call on the Lord God Almighty have forgotten or refused to read their Holy Bible very well that the Lord God Almighty we serve does not provide electricity. He has given the human race the moon, stars and sun and if you as a people want to go further than these elements, it's up to you. There is no water to drink in Nigerian homes but has the True Lord God Almighty has provided plenty of water in the rivers and the oceans and He causes His rain to rain periodically so He has completed His own part. But any society or people that wants water in their taps at homes and offices and internal plumbing must go ahead on their own and do it. When you have bad leaders and are being oppressed, if you don't fight and call on the Name of the Lord to help you, He will never lift a finger either. This is why most of African and Third World nations are screwed up and in total and chaotic mess. Religious racketeers in Nigeria and Africa have twisted the revealed Word of God to hoodwink and beguile their followers by telling them they should wait on the Lord to solve all their problems without lifting a finger while these religious charlatans feed fact on the ignorance of their followers. They have refused to tell their followers what the Lord God Almighty told the Israelites when they were under the suffocating chokehold of Pharaoh's oppression in Exodus 3: 7: “The LORD said, "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.” Do you read that? God said He saw the misery of the Israelites but He didn't respond until the people cried out to Him. Are Nigerians being oppressed, chained and dehumanized by their corrupt and unjust leaders crying out to the True Lord Almighty? When you ask the average Nigerian how is their country, they catalogue a litany of woes. Then you ask: “What are you guys doing about all the problems?” The weak response is: “Ha, what can we do? God will help us ooo.” When you tell them again what the True Lord God Almighty told oppressed people and Christians in 2 Chronicles 7: 14: “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land,” they don't get it. Evil parades a slender body and Satan is wickedly immortal, so to negotiate with Him is nonsense. You must fight Satan with the Awesome Power of the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty but not until you submit totally and unreservedly to God Almighty. There is no middle ground between the forces of Evil and Good and the harbingers of Satan and evil know these power dynamics. All the calamities, woes and national problems bedeviling Nigeria as a nation today began at the home. As the great Chinese Sage, Confucius once said in the Analects; “The integrity of a nation is derived from the integrity of its family; the way the family goes so a nation goes.” All those politicians and public office holders stealing and destroying Nigeria didn't just begin when they hold public offices. What do you expect Satanist and fraudsters like Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo who mismanaged the Fayemiwo Family commonwealth to do when for example he is fortunate to be in public office? If he did it in my family and is able to go scot-free and unchallenged, because everybody is afraid, guess what will happen if he's fortunate to be a senator, governor or president? This is why the West is well-organized and advanced than Africa and other Third World nations, because the people here understand and know the organic linkage between family and the larger society vis-à-vis good governance. As I was discussing with a professor friend of mine on the phone last week about the Tayo Fayemiwo issue; my friend reminded me that if it were here, that Satanic Tayo Fayemiwo would have been arrested and prosecuted and I laughed. But in Nigeria anything goes, precisely because of this selfish mentality that, do not need to care and be bothered about what your brother or sister is doing as long as you are comfortable and not in deed, don't fight injustice. That is why Nigeria and indeed Africa and Africans are messed up. Billions of Tayo Fayemiwo and his co-Satanists cannot do anything, nada, zilch to me because there is a Greater One-the Holy Spirit- in me than the one-Satan-that is using him and his co-demonic agents as I have written to him in our private correspondence. And true to type, he also replied me too that the battle line is drawn. Now Mr. Ishola-Gbenla, do you understand that this is a spiritual warfare? Again, thank you for your letter and remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Hello Dr.Fayemiwo. I read your story about the Fayemiwo Family property and what you disclosed about your elder brother, Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo and my mouth is shut. I couldn't believe what I read. Haaaa. It is well really. We still have a long way to go as Christians in Nigeria. My prayer is with you, your immediate family and loved ones. Remain Blessed---Mrs. Adetokunbo Banjo, Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, it is a sordid and an embarrassing episode but why should you be surprised that a supposed man of God, who is also a “deacon” in his local church in Nigeria can be a Satanist? Didn't our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ warn us that these types of despicable characters will surface in these end times and even sneak their demonic ways into the apex of church leadership? Didn't the King remind us in Matthew 7: 22-23: “Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” In the past, we would never see a pastor coming out boldly to beat his chest that he's a member of the Ogboni Confraternity. But nowadays in our perilous times, they have the impudence to come out of the closet and even appear on newspapers and television that they are cultists and pastors which shows the level of their spiritual low. These are messengers of Satan. They have no shame anymore all to their eternal shame. You couldn't believe it that before it got to this stage, I wrote a private letter to Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo demanding an audience and how to resolve this matter amicably, but he fired a letter back to me impertinently and declare a war. Tayo displayed all the hallmarks and imprints of Satanists: arrogance, pride, self-exaggeration, and bloated ego, and rebellion, foolish and senseless pride! Do not be surprised Ma'am.

*Dr. Fayemiwo, quondam professor of Biblical Exegesis at Kingdom Bible College and Seminary, Tucson, AZ is CEO, Alternative Lifestyle Communication, DBA Chicago and co-author of the latest book: “Coming to America.” He is also member, board of directors & director of administration, The Millennium Stem Academy Charter School of Chicago, Illinois. Visit his company's website at Please all private email for urgent attention should be sent to this email address: [email protected]

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