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Opinion | May 18, 2014


By Kofi Opare Hagan

Sir, I have been driven several times to pain by the overwhelming conviction that your decision to contest the presidential primaries even knowing that you shall be beaten, and massively, is just motivated by a desire which I, against better judgment, would charitably assume is unconsciously sought –a destruction of the NPP-.

Today, I pen down my conviction in an open letter to you. I hope you shall read it and by reading it you shall be persuaded by logic against inanity and you shall abandon the adventure you have set on.

Sir, you are somewhat an experienced politician. You therefore understand the times. You know, sir, or should know if you are worth the tag of an experienced politician, that the mood of the people has risen like a tidal wave ready to drown you.

Of what was left of the love of the people for you, you sir, have eroded it through your own actions and inactions as well as those of your assigns and agents who whip up hatred for you on a daily basis by antagonizing people already with an unfavorable disposition towards you.

It would amaze me; if you have persuaded yourself into believing that your quest for an international appointment while the party stood in court and while others had abandoned appointments they held so they could push the party's position would so easily be forgiven and forgotten by the party faithful.

I know you wouldn't do that, for you, Sir, are somewhat an experienced politician.

You most certainly wouldn't dare think so low of the intelligence of the electorates by pretending that they would forgive you for having as your chief lobbyist for the same international appointment, the person whose elevation as president we were contesting would you?

In the eyes of the average supporter of the party, you sir, are not someone they can trust to stand with the party during hard times. There is a fear among many, myself included, that you wouldn't hesitate to abandon the position of flag-bearer in the very unlikely situation that you win for another sweet flirtation with some international organization.

You are not the most hated person in the NPP at the moment that position is occupied by others higher than you, your perceived sponsors. Trust me when I say this, however, among the most loved you would not be found, among the loved your name would be absent without noticed. What is left of the considerations of the common supporter of you, is a rich man, a very rich man, who would want to use his money as a bargaining chip towards securing a seat he does not deserve.

It shall be even impossible for you, sir, without massive executive interference and other forms of undemocratic interference, to even win any primaries in the Ashanti Region as a Parliamentary Candidate on the ticket of the party.

You most certainly do know that you do not have enough of a political base among the electorates who shall constitute the Congress to justify your continued desire to contest the primaries.

You do know that the many who claim to support you do not do so for honest reasons. Like the conspirators in Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Caesar they all have personal and selfish motives. There is not even among your leading apparatchiks a noble Brutus Sir. If there is any Brutus at all Sir, it is you. You have become sir,a man who may have some faint honesty of purpose being misled by a gang of self-seeking people to lead a campaign against the tides of time.

You have become a convenient tool for embattled persons to use to push their personal agenda. Ask yourself who your leading supporters are and ask yourself what their grievances are. Has it almost always not been a selfish one? A loss at some primaries or some other election? A failure to be an appointment or granted some 'money-spending' powers during the campaign? Has these support almost always not been founded on some bitterness?

You are somewhat of an experienced politician sir, and should know this. It would be shocking and dreadfully strange if these hard facts have escaped your attention. Sir, you must step down Sir. It is the only right thing to do. To abuse our constitutional provisions as a party by engaging in a contest simply because it permits you is wrong. It is unpatriotic to engage in such a contest on the backs of internal rebels and it is immoral to watch with glee, knowing you would lose, as your faithful undermine the integrity, competence and honesty of the eventual winner.

May the ever honest and ever loyal spirits of Danquah, Dombo and Busia guard your thoughts.

And may the sufferings of the millions of Ghanaians who pray in earnest and fervently for the return of the NPP, weigh down on your conscience and guard your purposes in lines that are right as you consider the things I have written.

Kofi Opare Hagan.

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