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The African Disaster: Mentality

The African Disaster: Mentality
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“We Blacks are the Devil”, said Peter Akakpoh, Greda Estate, 4th Avenue, House Number 151 A, a Ghanaian, 37 years old, single.

The White Man has and still does many things wrong in Africa. He has taken Africans as slaves, exploited their natural and human resources as Colonial Masters and still up today pays little respect and has small understanding about Africa at large sneaking into various countries to see the political weaknesses, and with means of corruption, taking minerals out from African soil for little money.

As all African countries have gained their independence but still suffer too much for basically nothing. The question is evidently to raise why is Africa still not happy but suffers too much ? How much of this African Disaster is made by the White Man and how much is home grown by the Africans themselves ?

How is it possible that most of modern invention such as cars, TVs, Light bulbs, electricity, Nuclear Energy, Space Sciences and many more were invented by the White Man and not on the African continent or in Asia ?

Europeans, and later the Europeans in America, were the Inventors of all these Technologies, among them specially many Germans or descendent from Germans.

Germany, like Europe at large, has no natural resources living only by its Character and Mentality as their basic source of income and progress by which they were able to invent machineries and products to benefit many people around the world as well as raising their own living standards by returns of sales of such products and services.

In the 1980s European companies like Adidas and puma as well as American companies realized the need to produce in cheap labour cost countries. After studying the world carefully they decided to set up their factories in Asia instead of Africa even in Africa are the raw materials needed for these productions and the labour costs are the same. There is only one main reason for the decision of these multinational companies: discipline…as this is what they can find in Asian individuals and countries at large but not in Africa.

Know-How does not come overnight, is a long and very often painful process. Inventions are not made in heaven but are the fruits of inspirations and hard work day and night to see whether and how an idea can become an effective product that many consumers want to purchase for many years and generations to come.

Know-How finds its roots in the right Character and Mentality of people. A lazy and corrupt man has never ever invented anything and a rich man is satisfied too much with life to have the creative force and power in his heart for engaging in a sweating process of invention. Hunger and poverty makes a man creative to bring the best out of himself and turn his situation around to find his happiness, wealth and recognition at the end of many years of suffering.

This right character and mentality is based on simple principles: be always honest, what you promise fulfill, do not cheat on your spouse and partners, work with time as God always works with time (“God’s time is the best”), be hard working, be well organized, have a clear vision and plan for your future and what you want to achieve, have an open eye for your surrounding and the environment you live in, think always of the benefit you can bring to your human fellows and possibly the world at large, recorgnize yourself as being part of a social society and have constantly in mind where the society is coming from, where it stands and were you want to see it to be in future and organize your ideas and contributions around this objectives. See yourself as a Giver to society and humankind which in the end will give you the reward that you honestly deserve to receive and become rich and happy. Money is not a destiny, it is a


mean to express yourself in the position that you rightly deserve when you give yourself to the society as part of it.

Once you have Know-How and put it consistently to the test, wisdom will develop in you. With wisdom you are on the road to financial success and emotional happiness as the next step of your human development is richness that is lasting forever from strength to strength.

The Bible is teaching us that money with no wisdom is useless, money (African natural resources) with wisdom is so powerful !

75% of all natural resources of this world lies in African soil. When Africans learn to use them wisely as they should, they will be the new Empire of this world and dominate the rest of humankind.

Unlike past Empires it will be a peaceful one to which other cultures will come to study their way of life and not an Empire to dominate others but leading by peaceful examples.

It lies only in the hands of Africans as individuals and nations to change as Africa is not a Land for the White Man but the birthright of the Black Man; it is their responsibility and …their chance.

A smoker can report himself sick to a doctor and a doctor can advice him to stop smoking, that is all. Only a smoker by himself can make the decision to stop smoking finally. This decision comes for free and no University degree is needed to come to that point in life. And …it can happen right now !

As an Empire is based on the principles of Economic Strength and Moral Leadership, America, Russia, China and India are no longer qualified to be called Superpowers and will loss their position in 80 to 100 years time. As this world has always seen Empires coming and going, there will be a new Empire coming in 100 years time and this is Africa. So Africans have a great challenge ahead of themselves to become transformed people that can wisely use their God given natural resources in soil, water and air to be a shining star in world history for the Glory of our Creator.

As in any development and organization there is always a Leader, so it will be Ghana leading the Empire Africa only by the fact that these are the most peaceful people in Africa. Jesus Christ did not build his church on the “best” of his disciples, but on Peter, someone that denied his friendship three times but is know to all Christians around the world as the spokesman of Jesus Christ.

It is in the hands of the Ghanaians to decide how long they want to stay in poverty as the chosen people from God like the Israelites that walked around the promised land for 40 useless years instead of entering it right away. But as the Israelites finally changed their mindset and mentality, they entered the land promised to them. So there is great hope that Ghanaians will achieve the same and live in their Black Paradise God made Ghana to be…the sooner the better !

NB: Ghanaians loose minimum of 1 hour productivity each day as they are not working with time resulting in an annual national loss of 3 Billion Ghana Cedis (5 Million working people x average income per hour GHC 3,00 x 200 working days)…while free Senior High School education is costing the country only 71 Million Ghana Cedis.

Author/ copyright:Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde (German from Hamburg), 151 A, 4th Avenue, Greda Estate, Teshie-Nungua, Accra, Ghana, [email protected], phone 00233 265078287

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