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25.03.2014 Feature Article

Good Customer Care Service: The Example Of Tema District NHIS

Mr. Nti-Baffour AsensoMr. Nti-Baffour Asenso
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A visit to Tema district of the National Health Insurance Scheme at community 8, where clients or scheme benefactors to the tune of over 500 a day with the kind of customer/client care is one to be emulated in every public sector.

Though work begins at 8am, as early as 4am people visit the office to be attended to and by 6am you will have Mr. Nti-Baffour Asenso who will take the clients through an orientation to give them comfort and feel welcomed. The team work one will experience is a kind many public institution lacks.

He will take the clients through how children, elderly above 70, pregnant women and the clients above 18 can be registered. He will explain that I'd you are pregnant it's free for pregnant women to register but you must produce a scan or test of your pregnancy. Children under 18 can be registered only when either parents is already a registered client. Clients who are still in possession of old cards who are sort of misinformed about the new cards are given detailed explanation to allay their fears, that, their cards are still valid.

Clients are told that SSNIT subscribers can't register their children under the same SSNIT number. And again, first timers can't access benefit upon registering unless after a month from registration. What is intriguing, is how the elderly and pregnant women are taken care off by staff of the scheme of Tema district. They are assigned staff who duly know what their job is about and how such category of clients must be handled.

The usage of twi and Ga blended with English gives clients a better understanding of what clients, either first timers or renewals to expect. The approach and deploy of good customer care prevents the usual chaotic situation we often experience at centers where such registrations exercises take place.

Clients leave Tema district office of the NHIS satisfied and such welcoming feeling must be deployed and exercised across all branches of the scheme, though dealing with the public can be challenging.

The scheme must have structures and means to reward hardworking staff, to serve as a form of motivation factor.

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah Transformational Coach/Media Analyst/Author Lead Consultant Zoweh Global Consult twitter:@scofray

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